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Neon Copper

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Neon Copper Empty Neon Copper

Post by aesome on Wed Apr 15, 2015 5:03 am


Name: Neon Copper

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Fox Faunus with ears and a tail

Call Sign/Symbol: A bolt of lightning arched outwards haphazardly.

Student Year: 1st Year Student

Appearance: Her facial features may not be perfect, but at least they match her face. Delightfully cat-like eyes sit just above her high cheek bones, as her button-like nose rests in the middle separating left from right. Slightly pouty lips complete her entire face, and is sometimes glossed over with shimmering lipgloss if she can be bothered. Neon has a wide grin with a pearly white set of teeth, since she for some reason enjoys going to the dentist for checkups every 6 months. Her hair has no fixed parting, but if you must ask, its on the left side. Neon has no tattoos at the moment, but she's hoping to get the word “Tonare” on the back of her neck, which her parents would probably never allow. Her ears are currently home to three piercings, one on the right and two on the left.

With outstanding orange hair paired off with equally bright orange irises, Neon would probably be the most outstanding person in school if it weren't for the fact that everyone is rather color-based in a RWBY-verse.  Her hair is always seen in a huge mess, because Neon always wakes up late in the morning and is more concerned about reaching school on time, than brushing her hair. Bedhead would best describe her current look. Neon thought if she was going to make a fashion statement, she might as well go all out. Dying her hair a lighter shade of orange, than its original color, it now complements her orange irises.

Neon's uniform can be described with one word: Messy. She takes more pride in getting her laces done than wearing her school uniform. When she's wearing the spring-summer uniform, her top button is never buttoned because she complains its far too hot for that. Her tie is rarely ever pulled up to its expected height, always being left half way there. As for her skirt, even though she hates wearing them, if she must she will wear them extremely short. As for her autumn-winter uniform, she tends to try and put her own flair to it, since the students are allowed to wear whatever outer wear they want, so long as they are wearing the school blazer, shirt, and skirt for that season. She mix and matches, sometimes wearing a vest over her shirt, or a pullover if its really cold, though her skirt will remain at the same length. She prefers to wear thigh length tight black stockings, but she also has a pair of orange leg warmers. Her teachers are always pressing her to dress better or else she'd be put in detention, but they have never gone through with their threats just yet.

Though her style varies a lot, its usually pretty constant. Neon tends to choose either really loose clothes for comfort or tight-fit clothes to show off her figure. Ripped jeans are definitely her favorite, but shorts work fine too. Gloves are a must for her, and she usually wears orange colored fingerless gloves with black trimmings around them. Orange tinted goggles are normally placed on top of her head or if its really windy or dry Neon would wear them to protect her eyes.

She previously wore a chrome ring with black trimmings around it, that had a jasper stone embedded in the center, which was given to her by an ex boyfriend. Neon has now placed it on a chain, which she wears around her neck at all times, as she treats it like a lucky charm of sorts. As has been repeated earlier, Neon is not a big fan of girly clothes, preferring to fill her cupboard up with jeans (mostly skinny and ripped) and shorts of various lengths. With a wide collection of shirts, Neon is always spoiled for choice. She usually prefers to spend her money on shirts than jeans because they always get trashed once she dons her huntress weapon. Her secret stash of jackets are kept specially in plastic covers, as she adores her jackets. Neon's favorites would be: the pure white jacket which ends around her thighs, and has a fluffy white hoody, the onyx jacket, which has multiple straps all over it and a simple orange jacket with black lines criss-crossing all over the jacket.

Her favourite colors are obviously Orange, black, silver, and sometimes red.

Her default outfit consists of black, ripped up skinny jeans, silver shoes, an orange sash, a white top tied in the front with a black, sleeveless jacket with her character symbol in silver on the back, bandages on her arms and black gloves on her hands, and orange goggles on her head.

History: As a child, Neon was adored by her parents. She has always been a daddy's girl, the apple of his eye and so on. Neon was never exposed to the wonders (horrors) of being a huntress, even though her parents were directly in contact with weapons manufacturers in Atlas.

She did have an incident when she was four at the beach. Neon was left to wander off on her own. As she walked towards the water's edge, the under currents pulled her in, and she was almost swept away. Luckily her father saved her, although she was unconscious and had to be rushed to his private medical center that was under his company. Neon has no recollection of this. She lived a normal life.

When she was the age of 11, she discovered a giant metal disc in her parents room, which was oh so carelessly left on their bed. It also just so happened that she could lift it and equip it to her belt, so Neon slowly slipped it on like a turtle's shell across her back. As she tied the weapon to her belt, she tried standing up, almost falling but she managed to keep her balance. Sneaking out of the house, when she was supposed to be studying, Neon got her first taste of the world of Hunters and Huntresses. How glorious was it, the feeling was unlike anything she had ever felt before, even those huge rollercoasters could not give her such an adrenaline rush. Upon activating her aura for the first time, the disc opened up on her backside and split out into a full bodysuit of armor in shades of ivory, onyx, and silver with streaked details of yellow and blue. She tore through the skies and the grimm outside of town as the boots also developed wheels like rollerblades, almost in trance, as the world around her was a great whir of mixed colors. When Neon came home, she was surprised that her parents were not waiting up for her. Perhaps they did not notice she was gone was what she was thinking, and she quietly slipped into her room with her retracted armor.

Her parents were all too sure of the reality that they were exposing their eldest and most precious child to the trecherous world of Hunters, but they had no choice. They felt so guilty that they began leaving for overseas meetings and conferences, leaving Neon to fend for herself and look after her younger brother. Neon never resented them for that, she was, however, thankful instead. She was able to grow and mature much faster than her peers, as she went through much on her own. Plus, she even learned how to cook, not well, but at least it was edible. Most of her allowance went to buying new weapon parts and forcing her brother to learn how to build weapons from scratch.

When she first started at the initial primary hunter schools, she was always known to be the dork, always cramming in her books if she was not out skating. Puberty was officially making sport of her, as she was the oddball that stood out from the rest of the crowd. She was much taller than her classmates at that time, and the acne on her face did not help either. Luckily for her, back then her hair was really long so she was able to hide behind those long bangs of hers. No one saw those orange irises of hers though, which was such a shame. The only comfort she had was skating, so at least her time in school was not that bad. And one other thing, her previous boyfriend was there to make it things slightly better in a way.

To say the least, that didn't end very well, and Neon was actually forced out of school for a time, but it allowed her change everything about herself. Before Neon went back to school, she decided she was not going to be that insignificant, invisible girl in Middle School anymore. She did not want that, so she went to the hair dresser to chop off her long locks in exchange for an edgier and more spunky look. Her face by now was clearing up, since it was a good year since she last went back to school. Thankfully she was not held back, since her parents managed to convince her principal that she would not lag behind either.

Everyone did not recognize her when she went back to school, and even asked if she was a new transfer student. Neon smiled and shrugged it off. She was not going to be the studious one any longer, so she took on a laid back appearance in class, usually found slumping over her table probably sleeping. Which prompted her teachers to throw books and dusters at her to wake her up. It was funny to say the least, and Neon's previous reputation as the nerd or the destructive one, was soon put to rest. Neon tried not to put too much interest into her studies anymore, but it was hard to do for someone like her. Oh well, so long as she passed her exams, her teachers could not fault her. Life in school passed by without a hitch, and Neon was soon learning to enjoy life as it came. However, things are about to change as she starts at Beacon Academy.

Personality: Neon is an average girl, living in an average family, leading an average life..wait that's not correct. Her life is anything but ordinary, and her personality is even more intriguing. The girl with bedhead hair is a wacky one. Her larger than life personality complements her nature well, as she is always ready to make new friends. She opens up almost instantly and it is not in her nature to sugar coat the truth. Brutally honest is she when she speaks with people, it may be something to come across as arrogance, but it always proves to be false. Neon was brought up by her aloof mother, who was from a well-to-do family. Honesty was the guiding principle in her family, and Neon was taught to do the same. Which was probably why it has influenced her character upbringing a great deal. As they say, good moral values should be taught from a young age for a good upbringing of character.

From a young age however, Neon has a really short attention span for almost anything, and if she's completely absorbed in a thought it would be pretty hard for her to notice anything or anyone around her. For example, in class she's normally found either slumped over on her desk or spacing out behind a book either in thought or sleep. Her teachers have always had a problem with her and would normal A) throw dusters at her to get her attention B) smack her hand with a ruler or C) shout across the classroom. It was not like Neon was failing badly in class or anything, but they just seemed to get a kick out of it, or that's what Neon presumes.

Also her fiercely loyal nature could either be a good thing or it could cause her downfall. Neon simply refuses to believe that any of her trusted good friends would ever betray her, since she would never ever do the same to them. It was not in her blood, she just could not bring herself to back stab her friends. Even if at gun point, she still would not do it, not in this lifetime. However if she does find out that anyone has betrayed her, she would definitely snap and go and confront them, not caring to reason things out at all. Which is probably a bad thing, because she does not listen to her head and goes more with her heart. This makes her really rash and sometimes causes her to make immature decisions which she will regret forever.

One can possibly say she suffers from chronic mood swings, and not just because its that time of the month. For example she could be dead serious during a fight, but once its ended its like an "off" switch was turned on and she goes back to her bubbly and friendly nature. So its hard to ever see her mad at someone for long periods of time, because she rarely ever held a grudge. Unless like it was stated early, because she was betrayed, then even if the person grovelled and begged at her feet she would not relent. Certainly its true that Neon cares too much for her comrades than herself, since she would do anything to ensure their safety. It did not matter if she got injured too, so long as both came out safe and sound. Superficial wounds could be healed, but if a life was lost it could never be returned..

Oh yes and one more thing, just make sure you do not steal or try to take her food from her, she'll kill you ;D

Battle Tactics
Combat Skills
Cooking (especially spicy food)
Baking (She's better at making confections than regular food)
Intelligent, just lazy to her peers to keep up appearances
Neon can sleep through ANYTHING.
Super nice to everyone~

Can't stand extra hot temperatures
Laziness by choice
Easily upset with bad mannered people
Faints at the sight of bugs
Extremely physically reliant on her weapon/armor for hand-to-hand combat.
- Side note about her armor; when fully deployed in it's third form, Steel Soul has a tendency to completely wear down it's weight on Neon, making her substantially slower, even with the rollerblade wheels on the greaves. While compressed in first form or partially deployed in second form, the weight is more loosely dispersed so she can move normally. See weapon details below.
She's a dog person. (Sorry Cat-faunus folk)
Can't function without food.

Semblance: Gekkering - Neon has the semblance to manipulate sound and sound waves. Through this semblance she can create, generate, and modify the loudness, pitch, and tone of sounds, even to become an offensive weapon. Typically she only uses the noise around her and amplifies it as a natural weapon. It's a last-defense if she cannot use Steel Soul, otherwise she'd prefer to never use it. At her most powerful, she can shift the vibrations of sound into the earth itself to create earthquakes. At it's weakest, Neon uses it for the poltergeist effects to have fun and make pranks. However, while offensive in nature by appearances, Gekkering has one true motive that leaves Neon out of commission for the remainder of a fight. By emitting a sound wave all around her in the form of a birdsong that takes the particular sound of the gekkering of foxes, she actually alleviates her body of the majority of her aura, sending it out in sound to her allies who absorb it upon hearing her semblance. Like a one-time only Cura spell on the group, it's a quick replenish for her friends who need a quick pick-me-up to finish whatever battle they're caught in.


Name: Steel Soul

First Form: A large disc that's worn on Neon's back. It can primarily be used as a battering ram or a shield.

Second Form: Steel Soul splits along the side causing the disc to grow outward from her back. Within, multiple plates of metal crawl up and down Neon's spine, and then extend down her arms and legs to form both full-leg greaves and gauntlets. The greaves also form two metal wheels on the bottoms of each greave, becoming rollerblades that give Neon increased maneuverability. The disc itself also becomes a spinning wire container which conducts electricity to be used for close quarters combat from being infused with dust.

Third Form: The disc completely breaks down, separating into the final pieces of the bodysuit of armor with the wires in the container spreading out into separate spools located all over the suit that still spin and conduct electricity.

History: Excavated from her parents' bedroom and kept as hers ever since she was 11 (see character history for reference to the event).

Last edited by aesome on Fri Apr 17, 2015 5:47 am; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Updated Species in accordance to updated Character Rules.)


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Neon Copper Empty Re: Neon Copper

Post by Paige weaver on Wed Apr 15, 2015 5:23 pm

Hello there your character sheet looks pretty good only two things i see wrong with it right now first of all this is a bit nit picky of me but please add where you put what type of faunas she is add the traits she has to. secondly i would like you to change the semblance do it not following the rules of semblances they must cause something physical to be altered or manifested or buffs on a single person.
Paige weaver
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Neon Copper Empty Re: Neon Copper

Post by Requiem on Wed Apr 15, 2015 7:54 pm

Heyo, and welcome to the site! Nice to see a new member 'round here. Before you take some time to spiff up your character and maybe tweak her a bit, I'll just take a moment to say something alongside Paige, here. Y'know, that way you can just fix everything in question all at once.

I give you major kudos for gathering all of the info that you did for your character, as it basically clarifies a lot of things and just paints a pretty brisk and clear picture of her. The only thing that I personally see that could use a potential tweak is the Weaknesses portion of the profile. For sake of balance, I'd recommend adding at least one physical weakness, such as a particularly (and maybe just slightly or majorly-weakened; it's your choice with it) weakened or vulnerable spot on the body, an ongoing pain due to training or something like that, or maybe something like downgraded stamina or physical endurance in comparison to everything else; a less-reliable parameter for the character. Being reliant on armoring in close combat scenarios is a weakness in itself, but is easily resolved by just...having her wear it. There may come some times in threads where something unexpected happens, yeah, but, for the most part, she's really covered in almost all situations.

On another note, I do see where Paige is coming from in regards to the Semblance. However, I personally would have no problem with her ability if it weren't for the fact that it could apply to absolutely everything- including what another person's character did. Needless to say, it would cause conflicts and whatnot if she were to engage in combat with non-NPCs and use her Semblance during the fight, as it would essentially enable her to consistently strike her enemy and dodge everything thrown at her if she used it for that purpose. If it was tweaked in a way that somehow prevented that, then I'd say that the ability is perfect and fine, but... Well, if you did that, it would reduce a large degree of usefulness, and, for that reason, I'd insist that you go along with Paige's initial idea of shifting to a new, but fitting Semblance. I'm just throwing those other Semblance-related remarks out there for your to contemplate on, though.

...........And lastly, I may get a bit of tongue from this or not (I dunno, but whatever), but I personally think you don't have to include Neon's Faunus traits in the Species information slot because you included it in her physical description. Not really a fault in any way; just a little remark.

also im sorry for the semi-long reply/tip post i gave here oh my god
i almost always write a lot for basically anything so yeah watch out for that if you rp with me

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Neon Copper Empty Re: Neon Copper

Post by aesome on Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:56 am

I'm going to have to respectfully decline to add my character's fox tail under Species since there are other faunus character profiles on the site that were not obliged to follow suit, and it's stated in the physical description that she has the tail. Considering character rules only allow Faunus to have a single animal trait, and I've chosen the tail, it's a minute detail to be thrown in at the end of the description if it was overlooked.

Secondly, I'm working on a new Semblance, but I'd appreciate a link to the rule on Semblances that states it "must cause something physical to be altered or manifested or buffs on a single person." I try to make it a point to not get on the bad side of the admins and mods by reading ALL the rules before I even register as a member, so if I overlooked that, I'd appreciate a re-route to the appropriate link while I fix up a new semblance. I can see where it can be a little overpowered, so I'll change it no problem. Probably something else entirely to make it easier.

And I promise I'm not a jerk. I've been doing the RP thing for over 11 years now, so I make it a point to get acclimated as well as possible as soon as possible. The sooner things get ironed out, the nicer it is for everyone.

Thank you for all the remarks, and I'll be editing this shortly~

EDIT: Added a note about the armor under Weaknesses, and changed the semblance to something more fox-themed. So updates are made as I promised to make them.


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Neon Copper Empty Re: Neon Copper

Post by Paige weaver on Thu Apr 16, 2015 3:44 pm

this is my fault I forgot to add remove rules so I'm sorry there ill fix that immediately as for how many traits we meant to change that to two traits and the semblance rule never got put in do to me forgetting like an idiot so ill add those immediately but for now approved and will move shortly.
Paige weaver
Paige weaver

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Neon Copper Empty Re: Neon Copper

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