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Sierra Rater

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Sierra Rater Empty Sierra Rater

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:34 pm


Name: Sierra Rater

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Mouse Faunus

Call sign/symbol: Two highly detailed flintlock pistols crossed diagonally over black star with six red-tipped points.

job/student year: Beacon student first-year.

Appearance: (Face/Clothing claim - 5'2. 112 pounds. Red eyes, greenish-blonde waist-length hair in a pony tail with a large red bow near the tip of it. Normal outfit:Small black tophat with small bows on the sides. A black waistcoat with white and blueish-grey highlights and a red bowtie. Back miniskirt with blueish-grey highlights. Black and blueish-grey wrist gauntlets. Black shoes with white wing accessories and long grey socks. Combat outfit: She wears just about the same thing, but replaces her mini-skirt with a pair of blueish-grey leather pants. Her belt holds her flintlocks to her left in a holster designed to hold two guns at once. She also shows some faint scars on her wrists hidden under her gauntlets, if asked about this she will say "I just wanted to know how it feels..." or outright ignore you, if asked further she'll threaten you into dropping the subject.

History: Sierra's early life was not a happy one, when she was born it was a harvest moon, a sign of bad luck in her home town, Clear Cliff, as it was a rather violent town and a harvest moon meant "Our enemies get a hearty meal." Sierra did not understand why that was a bad thing, even to this day she still doesn't. She was never really liked by anyone, not even her own family, most nights not getting much food, if any at all. When she was old enough she was put to work in the fields, she never liked doing this, usually sneaking off to explore the surrounding forest and mountain cliffs, she always enjoyed climbing the trees and crags around the area. After her 7th birthday she went farther than usual into the forest, finding an old abandoned caravan... Well, more destroyed than abandoned, with rotten corpses of what she thought was the owners and guards, she wasn't so much terrified by this as much as intrigued, she didn't know why, she knew she should have been terrified by this, but she wasn't, she just looked around the caravan, inside she found a small bit of unrotten food, around the caravan was nothing but corpses, however on one of them, most likely a guard, she found a peculiar pair of pistols, they were sturdy and ornate with real gold trimmings, on the bottoms of the she saw the words "Hope is not dead" and "The sun always rises", she didn't know why anyone would put these on their weapon, but for some reason she felt something looking at them, she didn't know what it was, but it was a rare feeling in Clear Cliff: Hope. When she was done looking them over, she noticed some rustling in the bushes, a small pack of beowolves, about 4 of them, attacked her, she quickly dispatched them using the pistols and felt great pride. When she returned home after having a quick snack on what little was left in the caravan, she was punished for taking so long to get home, her parents were worried, though it was more for their family's reputation, or what little was left after her birth, then her own safety. When she was 10 she met an outsider sent from Vale to Clear Cliff for the summer to work, a fox faunus named Sarah Eden, when she first saw her she felt another rare feeling, she once again didn't understand this feeling, but it was once again hope, hope that someone who didn't know her would like her. They chatted for a while, often slacking off from work together, eventually it was time for Sarah to leave, she promised to be back next summer though, leaving Sierra very happy. At the age of 13 she began to develop strange new feelings for her friend: Love, she asked her parents about this, but they only punished her, claiming that if she to admit she was lesbian, she would alienate everyone she knew because she could not bare children, Sierra did not distance herself from Sarah however. Come age 16 she learnt about the academy of Beacon in Vale, she wanted to go there because she heard that Sarah was going next year too, but her parents scoffed at this, sayign that they needed her there, Sierra left anyways, sneaking into a caravan from a town called Whiskey falls, apparently just recovering from a 14 year long famine, and split off as they turned away from the path to Vale, it was only a half-day walk at that point, when she arrived at Vale she was awestruck at the city, she had stolen some clothes her size from the caravan, expecting the city to be like in fairytales, she thought that looking more noble would make her fit in, though now she stood out even more, she did not mind however, as she would soon find her dear friend, Sarah, and start her new life at Vale. A year later, she managed to get her hands on fake transcripts and sneak into Beacon. This is where our story begins...

Personality: Loud and rather crazy, Sierra is one to act first, ask questions only when she gives a damn (I.E. Near never) and makes this fact prominent whenever she can, often using her pistols for alot of problems, often this makes the problems worse. Obsessed with doing things "Stylishly", sometimes even at the expense of efficiency. Is a very "Outside the box" kind of girl, in fact she's so outside of the box that if she could, she would hijack Vale's nuclear weapon supply, bomb the box from orbit and use whatever survived to build a lava surfboard, that is not hyperbole, she would actually do that if she could. Closet lesbian, claims to be asexual. Semi-suicidal, if asked about this she'll laugh it off and say "I just want to know how it feels..." or just outright ignore you, if further questions are asked she'll just threaten you into dropping the subject.

Strengths: Extremely good aim. Extremely brave. Stylish as hell. uses the concept of "Refuge in Audacity" to it's fullest extent. Good at parkour.

Weaknesses: Often thinks the best way to fix a problem is to shoot the source in a flashy way. Not very bright. Rather aggressive. Not very stealthy. Looks younger than she actually is. Is embarrassed by anything related to love, no matter what it is. Is unused to being nervous and gets sick in the stomach on the rare occasions she does get nervous. Occasionally shows suicidal tendencies.

Semblance: Undiscovered: She never really cared for the concept...


Name: The Long Regard Pistols

first Form: A pair of black flintlock pistols with golden highlights and an etching of the words "Hope is not dead." and "The sun always rises." on the bottoms of the barrels. Modified to fire pure dust, depending on the dust used it can have a different effect. If she uses burn dust, it's blasts become explosive, if she uses freeze dust, it can freeze an opponent on contact, if she uses lightning dust, it becomes more akin to a small laser than a gun, allowing for more precise aiming, if slightly less powerful scratch-damage, if she uses earth dust, it just packs a harder punch, if she uses kinetic dust, the shots have a strong kick-back effect. She carries her clips on the right side of her belt in a satchel, these include:
5 vials of burn dust.
5 vials of freeze dust.
1 vial of lightning dust.
4 vials of earth dust.
2 vials of kinetic dust.
Each vial contains about 15 shots worth of dust.

History: Found on the body of a dead caravan guard while she was out exploring the forest. She killed her first Grimm soon after she got her hands on these.


Theme: My Little Pony: Friendship is Witchcraft Remix - Gypsy Bard - Orchestral Remix

Battle Theme: Kagerou Project/Vocaloid - Outer Science - Instrumental

Victory Theme: Hollywood Undead - Pain

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Sierra Rater Empty Re: Sierra Rater

Post by Paige weaver on Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:38 pm

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