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Angelo Jaehyun Arc

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Angelo Jaehyun Arc Empty Angelo Jaehyun Arc

Post by Requiem on Sun Dec 21, 2014 3:33 am

”Life is shit, hands down. ...Why do I bother pushing on, then, you ask? be honest, I don’t really know.”
Name: Angelo Jaehyun Arc; The Fallen Angel
Age: Seventeen years; born on the fifth day of the first month.
Gender: Male
Species: Raven Faunus
Symbol: The image of a single raven’s feather curling as it descends, with the root of it facing the top right and the tip of it facing the bottom left. The tip of the feather appears to be ignited, and fades away into what is assumed to be smoke.
Occupation: Beacon First-Year, dance student (of varying styles), parkour artist, hobbyist musician, hobbyist author/illustrator, part-time waiter.
Spoiler tagged to save space:

Of a rather short stature in comparison to many people in general - regardless if they are male or female - as he maintains a height of a mere five feet flat and weighs in at roughly ninety-seven pounds. Despite what many think, however, one would definitely regret judging him based on his figure alone. His muscles have actually been greatly toned from an impressive amount of training and dance practice alike, which grant him a great deal of strength that seems to surpass even the higher levels of strength that a teen of his stature would possess. His skin is a lightish tan in coloring, due to his primary bloodlines residing within the Korean and Filipino ethnicities.
Both of his eyes are a natural, darkened shade of brown that is often mistaken for black, and are narrowed due to his Asian bloodlines. Of course, in the correct lighting, this assumption is immediately proved incorrect, as it will shine a rather bright and striking shade of auburn in the correct lighting angle. Due to a childish event from his past, he has a scar over the left brow, and his left eye’s sight is far more degraded than the right’s, as his right eye basically has perfect vision while, with the left eye alone, he is only able to read words of decent font that are a foot or two away - but only barely. To aid with his sight, he sports a pair of black, plastic-framed transition glasses. The right eye is shrouded over by his hair for the most part, which is somewhat soft and a bit on the fluffy side, while his left eye is actually somewhat clear and unprotected from view. He styles it in a sort of fluffier and poofier scene style that is also just a bit shorter cut. It is of a natural hue of a very, very dark shade of brown, and has artificial highlights, normally of white, red, green, or blonde, if the entirety of his hair has not been dyed some exotic color altogether. He likes to switch his hairstyle up a bit a lot of the time, however, so if his hair isn’t scene in the general hairstyle hinted towards, he will more than likely use a small dose of hair gel to sweep his hair up and maybe even slick it back a little bit.
A variety of piercings can be seen, primarily on his face. On his bottom lip resides sharkbite piercings, while two vertical eyebrow piercings strike across his left brow, and a single vertical eyebrow piercing strikes across the right brow. On both of his ears would be a dual set of scaffold piercings, with anti helix diamond studs, a string of three ring piercings guiding along the top of the ear, and helix onyx-studded piercings starting from the lobe and riding up either ear, beneath the ring piercings. He does share Faunus genetics, though does not have any major physical attributes to give way to such a fact, so he is often mistaken for a human at first glance.
His normal attire is rather comfortable - to his tastes, at least. For starters, Angelo will more than likely wear a blank, sleeveless, and vested hoodie as a first layer. Over this, he will more than likely wear some sort of polo or button-up dress shirt; both possibilities having a collar either way. Over that, he will sport a longsleeved shirt, though will fix it so that its sleeves layer over the cuffs of his dress shirt/polo, enabling the sleeves of both layers to be seen. Often times, he will roll both layered sleeves of his up his arms to the point just below the elbow from the forearm, which will reveal a mass of bandages that wrap around the well majority of his forearm up across his wrist and around the palms of his hands, though do not quite cover the fingers. The coloring of his shirts will differ, though will definitely give an appealing palette match if his choice of coloring is not completely monochromatic.
For the lower body wear, he will sport a pair of faded jeans which really could be a variety of all dark colors, excluding white, a lightish grey, or a lightish red. Not really for the purpose of keeping his pants up - as he really doesn’t need a belt to do so - but rather for fashion purposes, he will wear a belt of a solid black hue, with suspender attachments clipped onto either side near the hip. He won’t actually wear the suspenders over his shoulders; rather, he’ll just allow them to hang down around his legs and lower legs. Alongside the suspenders, one would see a couple of small and thin chains hanging down from either side of his flanks, attached onto the waistband. The shoes that he wears will more than likely be athletic, often including a base color of black, if the entirety of it isn’t that single color alone.

Spoiler tagged to save space:

Angelo was born on January fifth to Huntsman and Huntress Jaeseok ‘Vince’ Arc and Lyn (Slebodnik) Arc. Though he was partially German from his mother’s side, the household he lived in was somewhat strict when it came to work, due to the fact that his family came from a primarily Asian background of Korean and Filipino ethnicities. High expectations were laid upon him in order for him to succeed, which did seem to pressure him even through his earlier years of childhood. However, things did end up pretty well for him in the end, because whatever he did successfully or with exceeding skill, he was often rewarded and praised for. Due to minor bullying issues that he dealt with ever since kindergarten - often for odd and idiotic reasons due to the fact that kids do make fun of stupid things most of the time - he often did appreciate whatever praise that was offered to him, as it made him feel good and not entirely useless for some time.
Ever since he could remember, he lived within a family with divorced parents. He had no idea how or why his parents had split up, or when it had actually happened, but never really chose to question it for the sake of letting the past go and preventing potential conflict from rising. Because of the fact that he and his brother lived with his mother, he rarely ever actually saw his father, though knew of the fact that he had taken up more than one job in order to support his children and family regardless of his divorced status. Also regardless of the separation, both Vince and Lyn still kept in contact and remained on good, friendly terms; possibly due to the friendly and social nature that seems to flow between Filipinos, or possibly due to the possibility that they just genuinely were fine with the separation and living away. Despite the fact that he rarely ever saw his father, Angelo enjoyed it when he went to visit, as well as when he stayed at his father’s place to catch up on matters. The feeling seemed to be apparent within his mother, as well, as she often shared light-hearted and humorous conversations with her former spouse as if nothing had really ever happened between them and they were childhood friends.
Around the time that he turned six, however, Angelo noted that his father had just...vanished. There was no goodbye, or even any note of sorts explaining what had happened to him or where he had been going. The sudden disappearance did strike him down a tad and cause him a little bit of sadness, as the thought of living without his father deemed to be a bit heavy on his six-year-old mind. Of course, he wasn’t the only one who was shocked by the sudden action. Lyn had also taken the matter in a somewhat negative way after noticing what had happened, and thus her respect and image of her former husband began to gradually decrease. Eventually, that single screw up from one man began spreading like a virus towards her impressions of other men, as she began to deem that all men were the same and that, if she were to attempt to get settled down yet again, they would end up disappearing yet again without a trace and leave her to take up the financial income drive on her own. In the end, these same thoughts had drifted to her dear son, and began to make her frantically worry if he would follow in his father’s footsteps. Out of fear and stress of the thoughts, she slowly began to shun her son and act a bit more aggressively towards him. It was around this young age that Angelo’s depression had begun, and how he began to mature at a much faster rate than a child should.
Because of the incident, Lyn had taken her turn to take up a secondary job as a financial agent. Initially, she had been a rather strict and uptight woman who worked a job as an IT, so she had advanced technological skills that she had passed onto her son. However, with her second occupation taking up the remaining time she had, she rarely had time to be at home, and thus Angelo was forced to stay home alone at a somewhat young age. He obeyed what directions that his mother had given him; the normal things that a parent would tell a child, such as not answering the phone or door, among other things. One of the main reasons that he did so, however, was for fear of his mother lashing out at him. His life continued on like this all throughout his primary schooling. A year or so after Jaeseok’s disappearance, the mother and son had received a hefty check in a rather blank envelope that just held the address of their house. Nothing was really written on the envelope other than that, though they noticed a unique signature in the corner - Jaeseok’s signature. Though Lyn was skeptical about cashing it in at first, she eventually gave in and brushed matters off as the two began to get similarly-priced checks monthly. None of this, however, seemed to change the woman’s newfound attitude towards her son.
After roughly five years of this lack of attention and aggression/occasional abuse from his mother, the two had finally caught a day at home in which nothing was happening. By that time, Lyn had changed a lot, as she had shifted from a strict yet still caring mother to a sort of party-type character who managed to hold a sort of fiery and short-fused temper. With the boosted income that she had produced from her secondary job, she had also managed to afford a better house within a brighter district of Vale, and so she and Angelo had relocated to their new house around the time that he was eleven or so. Soon after the move, their free day came around, and they really just spent it making small talk and watching television. Such an occurrence was normal due to his mother’s sudden mood swings, though he really said nothing about it or even vaguely mentioned it, choosing to just enjoy whatever laid back and happy moments he could have with his mother even with her new persona, regardless of the fact that he wasn’t sure if he liked what his mother had become, and was internally confused.
During their little small talk, both individuals noticed that the television had suddenly cut to static, which earned their full and undivided attention as the screen began to clear up yet again, showing the image of what seemed to be a man wearing a mask and a hood. Behind him was a row of people who were all on their knees, and most likely had their hands tied behind their back for restriction. Their heads seemed to be bowed down, though it was somewhat hard to tell due to the fact that they all seemed to have bags or sacks that covered their faces and sealed their identities for the meantime. Besides all of the individuals were more men and women in masks, wearing a similar uniform to the masked and hooded man closest to the camera.
Given that some time had passed and the well majority of Vale was watching by then, the man in the hood and mask began speaking. He began some sort of speech, speaking of how, somewhat like the White Fang, he and his companions were severely tired of the mistreatment that he and his ‘employees’ had been quite used to dealing with - as the well majority of them appeared to be Faunus. On and on he spoke about how he swore to seek vengeance upon his discriminated companions and to distribute retribution to those who had done wrong to Faunus, and how he would forcefully pick individuals out one by one and teach them about what suffering is really about, and how society had to open their eyes and realize the brutality before them by joining their cause. There would come a time that he would speak the quote:
"There will come a time when the hybrids - those you think of as unequal, pathetic monstrosities - will reign over the kingdom. For those who wish to prove yourselves - to TRULY show your status as equals - join us. Though tread carefully and keep in mind...we will show no mercy to those who defy us, nor those who carry the title as 'traitor.'"
Towards the ending words of the last remark, those dressed in the similar uniforms to the speaker reached over to their corresponding kneeling individuals, grasping hold of the bags covering their faces and swiftly sliding them off. It was quite obvious upon the revelation that the people were severely beaten, as they had numerous wounds and bruises on their faces, and just looked tired altogether. However, there was one heavier fact that both Angelo and his mother caught onto while watching.
One of the bruised and bloody men was the very man that had left them: Jaeseok Arc.
It was then that the two fully realized where the man had run off to, and where the checks that they had been receiving had been coming from. By then, it was obvious that they had been coming from his underground job as a criminal; an employee of the group. What Angelo noticed, however, is that the speaker referred to those on their knees as ‘traitors’ to their cause, which brought him to wonder. What made Jaeseok be labeled in such a way? Why had he turned against the faction that he had joined up with? At that moment, he decided to begin to gather information on the scenario as an entirety in order to find out the truth.
Soon after concluding this, however, Jaehyun couldn’t help but notice another occurrence upon the screen. The hooded man had begun speaking once more, saying:
"In this day and age - in this race for power and control - we must stand together. We must push forward and drive through those who dare defy us. We are one; we are immortals. ...We are the Band of Evolution."
Angelo’s eyes would widen as the speaker - the one he presumed to be the admin of this little Band by then, or at least one of them - spoke the last words that were assumed to be the general name of the group and watched as the people who had taken the bags off had pulled pistols from holsters that were secured onto belts that they wore. All of them had cocked their guns before pointing them directly at the heads of those beneath them. Before Angelo could so much as shout in shock and rejection, there would be a sudden loud bang before the screen quickly cut to static, with sounds of chanting in the background. It would soon fade out, and the programs that were initially scheduled were brought up once more.
A silent shock would overwhelm both Lyn and Angelo for several minutes before the boy had decided to retreat to his room and lock himself in within a shroud of thought. Truth be told, he did end up crying himself to sleep that night with heavy thoughts lingering within his intellect, though that seemed to strengthen his resolve for the truth. For his sake and his father’s he decided to build his strength that way he would be able to push onwards during his investigation for answers; to find out why his father’s fate had been such a devastating one, and to find out about the supposed “Band of Evolution.”
This feeling of resolution wasn’t quite shared, however. While Angelo strengthened himself for the coming days, Lyn’s view on men seemed to grow even worse after that program. Despite her feelings of sorrow and concern for both her former husband and her son, what had been revealed to her - the fact that Jaeseok had disappeared for the sake of getting himself entangled within a rather terroristic party - seemed to override whatever emotions she had, instead replacing them with insecurity and things of that sort. As a result, she ended up becoming even more fierce and hypocritical towards Angelo in the coming days, which was also paired up with doubled up doses of abuse - be it physical or mental. These actions further increased his depression, and also degraded his state of sanity even further, which pushed him to suicidal scenarios several times. Of course, he lived through all of them, and has continued on with life regardless of how painful and stressful things had become.
He continued on with his schooling years at Signal, eventually graduating and applying to Beacon Academy. Upon finding out his acceptance, he made no hesitation to pick up a job in order to support himself at a certain restaurant by the name of the Ionic Serenade. As soon as he met the requirements and got a job as a waiter at the rather high-end facility, he quickly moved out of the home he shared with his mother, aiming to continue strengthening himself further in order to lock his success for factual gathering and finding out what really happened with his dear father and what the Band of Evolution really is.

Personality: In many instances, Angelo is that silent person off in class that not too many people know about, though is seen as polite and socially awkward at first glance by those that do actually notice him. Often times, he won’t speak unless spoken to first, and, even then, he will most likely find it hard to put his thoughts into words smoothly without stuttering once or twice, or speaking a tad too fast. Because of these things, he is often told to repeat himself, which, although he doesn’t show it on the exterior, does embarrass him and make him label himself as a fool on the inside.
It takes a while for the boy to actually be able to truly warm up to and trust an individual, though signs that would give way to such a revelation would more than likely include him actually making an effort to take part in conversation while releasing his inner sarcasm which, although it may be unnecessary and dry-humored at times, is surely capable of producing horrible puns and dirty jokes that could very well be funny nonetheless. Once he is able to see that one is willing to accept him for his true sense of humor and sense of action, he will begin to open up a little more, gradually revealing more about himself and his being that one would have been surprised to find out about if they were mere strangers taking a first glance at him. Safe to say that he isn’t the full-fledged polite and antisocial individual that he often portrays himself to be; rather, a socially awkward lad that actually does like to joke around and have fun, but just finds it hard to kick conversations and potential friendships into flight without a little push.
Once one manages to get closer to him, they will realize that he’s actually somewhat of a fun-loving dork at times who is also a major music fanatic, alongside a diehard otaku. Should one mention anime and/or manga in a conversation, he will more than likely speak up and attempt to be included, regardless if he’s around strangers or people that he knows. The same reaction would occur if he heard a favorite musical artist be mentioned.
To Angelo, the friends that he make take a higher priority than all else - even family, mainly due to the fact that his feelings about his family for the most part are just a shroud of both positivity and negativity alike that cause him a grand amount of stress and pain internally, especially when viewing things about his mother. Should one grow close enough to him, not only will they be brought to the realization of what he truly likes to do and talk about, they will also realize that he truly does trust them, and would do nearly anything for them, so long as it was serious and justified to an extent. If one were to break his trust or severely hurt him, he wouldn’t mind giving the person in subject another chance in most circumstances, but after that, it’s no more if the person were to screw up in some way, or if he makes it obvious that the decision to give a second chance was a bad one and goes on to ignore an individual.
There is another deeper and sensitive layer beneath his happy display, once someone manages to push past his socially awkward demeanor. He knows full well that he masks the depression caused by his little background story by his semi-fake happiness, which does cause him stress on occasion. Due to the events of his past combined with said stress, he has actually thought about and attempted suicide once or twice, though has obviously survived and has pushed on with his life, even if reluctantly. It’s safe to say that his self-harm habits are far from done, though, because of all of the bandages that he wears on his arms, wrists, hands, and even neck.
Because of all of the stress and harm induced upon him, he has also gained quite the insane mass of qualities about him, which could potentially make him a danger in multiple ways.
Also due to the stress and harm, Angelo maintains an image that has been wise and mature beyond his years. From a mere age of six to eight years of age, he has pretty much been on the logical side of things and has spoken of what harsh reality is to come in the more serious of situations. He has endured pain - both physical and emotional alike - alongside other things, which enabled him to give advice that most adults would have, even when he was still in middle school. This mature aspect - which is often seen when a friend of his is feeling down or if he’s more depressed than usual to the point where it actually leaks out visually - has been with him ever since his childhood, and has only emphasized through the years.
+For his size and weight, Angelo is actually very strong due to his activity in dance and parkour, among other things.
+Also due to his activity in dance and parkour throughout the years, he is rather flexible.
+Angelo is naturally lithe and agile.
+Silence comes easily for him, even when he is running.
+From both personal training and private tutoring, he has built up quite the strong aura supply and endurance.
+Even with little and vague details, Angelo tends to be able to read between the lies and under the surface when concerning personas and facades that others hold.
+Due to his own stress and experiences, he has no trouble giving advice to those who need it, even if - and especially if - it’s emotional.
+Because of his Faunus genetics, he has supreme night vision.
+He often doesn’t let most comments seem to faze him.
-Jaehyun takes part in self harm and is still semi-suicidal, and has the scars to prove it.
-The sight in his left eye is heavily degraded, so if he were to be blinded in the right eye, he would more than likely have some trouble.
-The immense stress that he carries upon his shoulders day by day often strains him both physically and emotionally. He will often seem depressed, and may have minor pains in his limbs or aches in his head, unless his body aches altogether.
-The scars beneath his bandages could be an easily-pinpointed target for beating - be it physically or mentally - should they be uncovered.
-Angelo is both a masochist and a sadist, which, while it could amplify his abilities, could also push him further into the boundaries of danger and cause severe wounds and behaviors.
-He refuses to seek any type of help from others, which just makes his stress and agony worse. Though it aids his semblance capabilities, it also causes him to carry a heavier weight.
-It isn’t quite easy to gain a complete strike to his head most of the time, as Angelo’s reflexes are second to none, but if one were to strike the top left of his forehead near his old scar - where he fractured his skull in his childhood - an opponent could potentially gain an advantage.
-Despite the strong facade that he puts up, it’s actually somewhat easy to get Angelo internally stressed and to make him fret over the simplest of things when he overthinks on them on his own.
-Has very little self-esteem, so he could very well be seen and heard putting himself down.
Semblance: Insanity Drive ||| Angelo’s semblance is heavily dependant on a string of things: his stress levels, his emotional stature, and, most importantly, what sanity he has at a given moment. These three things determine the specific level that Drive exhibits upon his being.
What Insanity Drive does is that it manifests a sort of crystallized set of wings with minor upper body armoring and a helmet of sorts that could separate and launch through the air as rapid projectiles, similar to how a Deathstalker and/or Nevermore is capable of attacking. All portions of the armoring are lightweight yet sturdy and flexible, and are of a somewhat clear and reflective shade of dark purple that would more or less blend into the night. The armoring on his upper body covers the upper part of his torso and the entirety of his collarbone and the majority of his neck while hooking over his shoulders and protecting the tops of them. Connected to this is also a sort of covering that branches from the collar created by the crystallization, which hooks around the back of his neck to protect that, and continues climbing up around the back of his head and over his forehead a little bit to create a sort of minor bill/visor that casts a shadow over his eyes. Alongside this, it also hooks around over his ears and jaw to cover the basic majority of his face, excluding a small space to reveal his right eye. Across his jaw, the way the crystals are formed and put together make it seem like he is wearing a sort of skull masking on the lower portion of the face. Lastly, his wings - which begin forming from around the shoulderblades - extend outwards in the same crystallized material, reaching an average wingspan of roughly five feet, and are capable (as of now) of reaching a maximum wingspan  of eight feet total.
Simply put, the higher his stress levels and the less sanity he has, the stronger and more enhanced his semblance is. Should his mood be even more degraded than usual, the crystals forming these features of his harden and become even more sturdy, and, in the case of his wings, grow in size.
Because of the lightweight stature of his wings, he is capable of gliding through the air, and even very, very extensive flight. Normally, if dealing with heights, he simply uses his semblance to glide through the air for a safer landing, though is capable of lifting himself off of the ground maybe a story or so and keeping himself at the relative level before beginning to slowly drift down against his will. Also, primarily by the wings, he normally sends sharpened, crystallized projectiles (as was stated at the beginning of the description) in order to attack enemies. They can come from other places like the crystal spaulders that are produced, but are normally shot out from the wings. These crystals regenerate over time, though deplete his aura as a cost.
As of the current moment, Angelo is capable of keeping his semblance in use for roughly ten to fifteen minutes maximum. It would be lower, but, thanks to the extensive aura-and-semblance-oriented training that he chooses to undergo on normal occasion, its effects have been boosted further than they would have been at this point in time without the training. After use, it would take roughly twenty to thirty-five minutes for him to cool down and be able to use Insanity Drive again - but with minor and lingering sores and after effects taking a toll on his body. If not the complete day after using his semblance, he often needs two or three hours before being actually fine with using it without too much stress, though he ignores his limits a lot of the time for the sake of building his semblance endurance.
Name: Corvus Major
Primary Form: A miaodao; a Chinese sword that is rather similar to the katana in structure. Its blade is of a jet black coloring, while the handle is the same shade with dark red padding circling around the hilt. Its side is just the slightest bit longer than average miaodao, as it is roughly four feet and six inches long from blade tip to hilt end, and almost as tall as he is vertically.
Many Dust channels are seen throughout the interior of the blade, which make numerous zigzags and angles before all meeting at the tip of the blade. The handleguard of the blade is also a dial which locks when turned, and also sets the ‘mode’ that the weapon is on. There are six dials with six corresponding gems in total:
Ruby causes Fire Dust sealed within the sword to be expelled. It can cause ignition and burns on contact.
Topaz expels Lightning Dust, which is capable of shocking, stunning, and paralyzing in higher amounts.
Sapphire sets the mode to use Ice Dust, which chills and can even briefly freeze things on contact, and if in high enough amounts.
Emerald releases Air Dust, which is capable of blowing objects and possibly even foes back in high enough doses. It could also amplify Fire Dust as soon as it is ignited in order to spread the flames.
Onyx unleashes all Dust Types at once. Simple as that.
Diamond is the ‘off’ mode. No Dust effects are present or can be unleashed in this mode.
Secondary Form: When being held in the correct way and having its buttons pressed in a swift and concise pattern, Major will shift from its miaodao form to an armored gauntlet. The metal will cover the entirety of his forearm, leave a little blank spot over the elbow, and continue up the remainder of his arm and over his shoulder, serving as a whole-arm armoring. The material near his hand will also dismember to wrap around his palm and fingers to form a sort of protection around it.
The Dust channels that were seen in the primary form will still be there, except they will be seen as a mass of colored swirls and lines cycling all around the metal protecting his entire arm. They all join together in a sort of circular panel in the palm, and can be fired from there in beams of varying sizes and strengths.
With a swift pattern of movements within his fingers, he can trigger a minor function which allows a scope to rise across his forearm to enable him to act as a sniper.
The dial is still present in secondary form, but, rather than the handleguard that it was in primary form, it would be seen as a rotational band around the wrist in secondary form.
Tertiary Form: N/A
History: With the aid of Thanatos, both Corvus Major and Corvus Minor were created and tested numerous times. They were built after the model that he used for Shadow’s Embrace, which explains the many similarities seen between Ryan’s Embrace and Angelo’s Corvus Minor.
Named after the constellation Corvus, as it’s often portrayed as a crow or, more fitting for the teen, a raven.
Corvus Major is only wielded/worn with/on the right hand/arm.
Name: Corvus Minor
Primary Form: Another miaodao, though one that’s a bit under the average length in comparison to its Major counterpart. Though same in basic structure, Corvus Minor is somewhat of an opposite to Major appearance-wise. While Major’s blade is black, Minor’s is a clear, reflective white. Minor’s hilt is also a shining tint of white, with semi-bright green padding on the handle, rather than dark red. Contrasting to its Major counterpart, Corvus Minor doesn’t have a rotational handleguard or any Dust beam functions.
Secondary Form: With swift and professionally memorized movements, Corvus Minor will quickly shift into another gauntlet, though one with shotgun functions instead of the solely Dust-oriented functions that Corvus Major has. Because of its shortened size, it doesn’t cover the entirety of his arm, and leaves the deltoid and above up for easy striking.
The knuckles of Minor in its gauntlet form are actually a bit elevated from his actual knuckles in order to provide room for bullet slots. When clenching his left hand while punching - as Corvus Minor is only equipped with the left hand/arm - Angelo is capable of releasing a quadfold of shotgun shells into/towards whatever target he desires. Of course, if there’s distance, there’s the fact that the bullets would more than likely scatter a little bit and decrease his accuracy, but he actually uses that to his advantage a lot of the time.
Though Corvus Minor has no direct Dust functions actually built into it, he does use Dust bullets, so one should keep that in mind.
Tertiary Form: N/A
History: See weapon history for Corvus Major.
Primary Theme ||| Drowning in a Wave of Sadness (Vocaloid)
Sorrowful Theme ||| Dad’s Song by Set It Off
Battle Theme - Normal ||| Lights Out by Breaking Benjamin
Battle Theme - Berserk ||| Wish I May by Breaking Benjamin
VOICE CLAIM ||| KanzentaiCell

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