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Sianna Himiko Yukiko Kyoujii

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Sianna Himiko Yukiko Kyoujii Empty Sianna Himiko Yukiko Kyoujii

Post by Requiem on Wed Dec 24, 2014 12:32 pm

"Wouldn't you say that my weapon and I create quite the...pandamonium?! HAH!"


Name: Sianna Himiko Yukiko Kyoujii

Age: Sixteen Years; born on the fifth day of the fourth month.

Gender: Female

Species: Red Panda Faunus

Symbol: To be posted(?)

Occupation: Beacon First-Year, (hip-hop) dance student, hobbyist musician, part-time waitress.

Appearance: Of a short stature in comparison to her brother, though holds an average height in general, as she stands at a height of five foot six and weighs in at roughly one hundred and twenty-one pounds; a weight that labels her as underweight by only the slightest bit when judging her healthy weight range. Much like her brother, her hair was of a natural, snowy white, though changed a significant amount due to an event from her past. Its style – which is long, covering the right eye partially and is clipped on the left side, and is just beneath shoulder length – is the same, but the coloring is different. Because of said event, the majority of her hair is still its initially, snowy white hue, though fades gradually into a sort of orange-russet coloring midway down, and is fully said coloring once it reaches the tips. Her eyes were physically unaffected from the event, however, and still maintain a clear, bright variation of blue, similar to both her brother’s and father’s eyes.

As a Faunus, she has a feature that represents her animalistic side: her tail. Very much like the animal that she represents, the red panda, her tail is of a medium length and is very, very fluffy. Its fur is the same base color as the majority of her hair, with faded yellow-orange rings circling around it until its base.

Her normal attire is pretty simplistic. Upon the upper body, she is often seen wearing a slightly skintight tank top, with a shortsleeved croptop hoodie over it. Said hoodie is normally either completely opened to show the shirt beneath it all the way or zipped halfway up. Depending on whether or not it’s hot, she may or may not lose the tank top underneath and just wear the hoodie, exposing her stomach. (Keep in mind that she does wear a bra, so there will be no full-on boob shots. Just throwing that out there.)

As for the lower body, she tends to wear a pair of short shorts for a large percent of the time, and wears skinny jeans for the remaining percent. Depending on what she wears, her footwear differs. If she wears shorts – which she, as was stated, normally does – she tends to wear a pair of black and slightly heeled combat boots that ride up to the mid-calf. If she is wearing jeans, then she still has a chance of wearing said boots, but will more than likely settle for a pair of flat-bottom shoes or athletic/running shoes.

The coloring of her attire differs, but will be guaranteed to be matching appropriately and won’t be everywhere regardless of the primary colors that she wears.

History: Refer to the basic gist of Haven's history.

Personality: If one had to describe Sianna in a single word, a very accurate term would be ‘tsundere,’ although a more laid-back and free-spirited type. On the outside, she acts quite tough, intimidating many people upon first encounter and keeping that impression of hers throughout the time that she knows them. Being the tough character that she is, it’s no surprise that she gets a bit reckless at times, and won’t hesitate to lash out if annoyed or simply pissed off. She tends to be somewhat hot-tempered, and her words are capable of stinging and burning like fire without her even intending for them to be that way. This little attitude also does inspire a sort of spark within her, which drives her to also be quite the party-esque individual. While out of the clubs and parties, she is capable of being charismatic and lively with a sharp and witty tongue.

Of course, as a tsundere, this is the primary side of her that everyone knows that she has for a fact. Within, however, she is actually a pretty sweet and sensitive lass. Those who she considers close will know that she really does care for her friends and family, and actually frets over them greatly in her mind. Alongside this, she also has a great affection for things like ‘cute’ little animals, romance novels, and things of that sort. If one were to find out about this little liking of hers, she would freeze up before beginning to deny it, probably waving her hands and yelling at a very loud volume in the process. While doing so, she may even punch the person/people who suggested that she liked things of that sort – even though it’s completely true. Exceptions to this rule would be her brother, as well as closer friends, as they would have already known about it beforehand.

+Flexible from years of dance.
+Lithe and agile due to her figure.
+Is a parkour artist as a hobby, so obstacles are often no trouble for her.
+Partially from taking part in parkour and from her Faunus influence, Sianna is a rather good climber, not just in trees, but in a good majority of structures.
+Her activity in parkour, dance, and gymnastics combined has given her a toned and strengthened build for a girl of her stature.
+Has the Faunus’s exceptional night vision.
+High/strengthened aura reservoir.

-Ever since having her genetics fused with the Red Panda, her general senses have degraded to some degree. Such things include:
    *Her sense of hearing.
    *Her eyesight. (She now wears glasses to aid her vision.)
    *Her sense of smell.
-Unlike her brother, Sianna is really only skilled in close combat. Mid-to-long-ranged combat are the current banes to her existence.
-While Haven had received a wound to his eye during the abductions/experimentations, Sianna was basically harshly beaten before she was knocked out and conducted on. Because of this, she had received a few fractured ribs and a severely dislocated left shoulder. They’re healed for the most part, but are, by far, her weakest points. If one were to strike her in the ribs, it would be more painful than most other places. Alongside this, her left arm seems to lock up and cause her severe pain on occasion.

Semblance: General Dust Manipulation ||| Sianna is capable of manipulating Dust to her will to create a variety of things. She can create figures that are either free-flowing or solid with precise movements, regardless of what type of Dust is used, or what combinations of Dust are used. The general form of whatever figures she produces stays the same for the most part, though the effect they have on targets varies depending on what type(s) of Dust she chooses to use. An example of such effects would be that, if she were using Fire Dust, whatever structures or air currents she sends at a target would be capable of producing heat or even burning on contact, depending on how long the target is touched with the Dust formation.

As could be guessed, the larger an object is, the more aura is taken from her already-strong-and-large reservoir. It’s the same case for figures that are created and are in use for extended periods of time. There isn’t a specific time range in which she can use her Semblance, as she basically just stops when her aura is depleted, which could happen at varying times, but would be capable of lasting a good while due to her aura’s strength and longevity. Once her aura is either dangerously low or completely depleted, however, she is simply unable to use her Semblance, and would need maybe an hour or two minimum to allow her aura levels to build up once more for another manipulation sequence.


Name: Scarlet Pandamonium (Pandemonium)

Primary Form: A dual pair of tonfa, created by the use of her Semblance. Also the primary type of weaponry that she is capable of producing with the use of her Semblance. Unlike normal, blunt tonfas, the things that make up Scarlet Pandamonium are bladed from one end. While there is a piece of either weapon that secures itself along her forearm, the remaining material that would extend from the hand is more elongated, reaching roughly a foot and a quarter outward in length. This portion of the weapon is the bladed part, enabling slash action should she attack beyond the hand, and blunt action should she attack with her elbows or arms.

Depending on the type of Dust that she uses to compose Pandamonium, the effects that a target feels upon impact vary.

Secondary Form: N/A

Tertiary Form: N/A

History: It wasn’t quite actually made or built, but was really just brought into existence with the discovery of her Semblance. As she began to train herself and expand on her abilities, Sianna began experimenting with the different weapon types and figures that she was capable of producing. She simply became the most comfortable with using her Semblance forms in the form of tonfa-like figures when taking weaponry into account.


Primary Theme ||| Awake and Alive by Skillet

Battle Theme - Normal ||| Circus for a Psycho by Skillet

Battle Theme - Berserk ||| Madness in Me by Skillet


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Sianna Himiko Yukiko Kyoujii Empty Re: Sianna Himiko Yukiko Kyoujii

Post by Killua on Thu Dec 25, 2014 2:29 pm

Looks good! Approved unless a person in charge disagrees.

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