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Murasaki Miyamura

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Murasaki Miyamura Empty Murasaki Miyamura

Post by Kurotsubaki on Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:39 pm


Name: Murasaki Miyamura

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Call Sign/Symbol:,

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): 1st year

Appearance:, Red hair, Blue eyes, usually wears a purple long sleeve shirt with jeans, 5 foot 5 inches, keeps his weapons in holsters on his hips, has a scar on his back, usually keeps a blank face so people have a hard time reading his movements, not very muscular but his muscles are defined.

History: Murasaki was born in Far Shot Village on October 30th. His mother was a simple house wife and his father was a hunter and gather. Far Shot Village located was in the middle of nowhere with a small population of no more than 15 or 20 people. There weren't many kids in the village but the ones that were there were all 1 or 2 years older than Murasaki and they bullied him to no end. However there was one girl who didn't bully Murasaki so he felt very protective of her. Her name was Midoriko. After a few years when Murasaki was 8 years old bandits came to raid the village. All those who opposed the bandits or were too old to be sold as slaves were killed. Bandits came in to Murasaki’s house and he was hiding in the cupboard as he was instructed by his mother. His dad than proceeded to try to combat the bandits. His dad was killed shortly after he killed a 2 bandits and wounded 3 more. His mother was killed as vengeance to those 2 bandits his father killed. After they found where Murasaki was hiding he tried fighting back and got a away from the bandit that was taking him to the truck. He then ran to Midoriko’s house to see if she was safe. He heard Midoriko’s mother being toyed with in another room and saw her father strung up and nailed to a wall. He found Midoriko hiding underneath her floor. He grabbed her and ran with her in his arms. He ran until he was in the forest and just kept running until he tripped and fell and injured himself and Midoriko. While he was waiting for the bandits to come for them he found some medium length sticks and he sharpened them and hid them in his sleeves. He waited and waited until the bandits found them again. The minute two of them picked him up by the arms he attacked. He stabbed one on the neck and the other in the soft spot directly under the chin. They died instantly and dropped him. However the third bandit hit Murasaki in the neck and put him to sleep. He then proceeded to carry Murasaki and Midoriko back to the car. After a short while Murasaki woke up and he was chained to the wall so he could not pose any threat to anyone who came to check on him. After a while the other kids from the village started to disappear. Everyone would be taken but Midoriko. Murasaki thought they were being killed so he lost his will to fight back. Eventually after 3 years when Murasaki was 11 he had seemed to have calmed down. The bandits started to show them off to men and women in fancy clothes. However after hearing he had killed 2 people many turned him away thinking he was a danger to them and their loved ones but they said they didn't mind taking the girl. The bandits refused stating that they were a package deal as the girl wouldn't eat without being near him and he would go ballistic. After 30 or 40 people had come by and taken a look at them there was an elderly couple maybe the age of 60 or just a bit older came in and took a look at them. They liked the way he looked. They thought he looked strong and would be willing to do anything to protect those he loved and the things he loved. They decided to buy them from the bandits. They paid quite a substantial amount for them but nothing they couldn’t make back. As they took them back to their house in Rosewall Village they told them that they were their children and that they were safe and part of their family now. However 2 year after they had started living their the elderly couple died. After they died he was extremely lost and broken however Midoriko ended up bringing him back to life with a kiss and they started dating. He then started to spend money to learn any and all forms of martial arts, sword, and gun play to protect her from anyone or anything. Murasaki however did not have the stamina to keep up with the others in his classes. So he kept practicing late into the night everyday. 5 years later he mastered sword and gun play but ended up giving up martial arts as he could not keep up with all his training. He then proceeded to get a recommendation from his sword teacher to get him into Beacon.

Personality: little sadistic at times, caring and seems to be gentle although he denies it, cold to others, Doesn't care about things that don’t interest him, doesn’t like whiny people, doesn't do things unless he wants too, kind to those he cares about, acts selfish but isn’t actually, acts lazy but isn’t just unmotivated, hates the outdoors and pretty much all things in nature, loves battle, loves money and will do quite a lot for it, short temper, untrusting, doesn't like to go through the bother of becoming friends with people, good at cold reading, doesn't get emotionally attached to things or people easily, can emotionally detach himself from situations, Smart and can think things through logically,

Strengths: Works well in a group, very agile and has a ton of mobility, good at working alone, cooking and cleaning, good at hand to hand combat and decent at combat with various bladed weapons, has become rather good at dodging attacks, keen eye for detail.

Weaknesses: Not extremely durable, short temper, not very much strength so hits with heavier and larger weapons don’t do much or really anything when he uses them, Doesn't care or like most people very much which impacts his team work when with people he doesn't know or care about, has little stamina so he can't do much for very long,.

Semblance: Tracking - creates a separate body that he can use to track and scout but it requires his actual body to be in contact with water when doing so last 3 minutes at most and can only be used every 45 minutes.


Name: Serendipitous duo

First Form:, 24 bullets per clip, 2 extra clips

Second Form: N/A

Third Form: N/A

History: He found a master craftsmen and had him craft this weapon costing him a whole lot of money.

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Murasaki Miyamura Empty Re: Murasaki Miyamura

Post by Paige weaver on Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:40 pm

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