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Sylvanas Nightshade

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Sylvanas Nightshade Empty Sylvanas Nightshade

Post by Drae on Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:37 pm


Name: Sylvanas Nightshade “Syl” / Amaranthe

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Human (although most think she’s a demon)

Call Sign/Symbol: A gleaming red trident floating about a pool of flames set on a black background

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Second Year student

Appearance: Sylvanas has dark hair that reaches down to her lower back, and piercing red eyes that oftentimes give people strange chills. She is generally dressed in varying shades of red and black, and has a small silver necklace around her neck. When her semblance activates, her eyes darken in color, and her pupils change to resemble the shape of a still flame for a few moments before the side effects kick in. When Amaranthe takes control, it has been noted that her eyes will sometimes change color to a slightly lighter shade of red.

History: Raised in the darker parts of Vale City, Sylvanas was very familiar with death and crime. She was born to Reave and Holly Nightshade, two very kind people who worried when their daughter exhibited signs of having a very weak conscience when she was younger. They tried to teach her all they could about morals and the like, however after finally realizing that their darling daughter was becoming more and more aggressive they had her diagnosed by a family friend (who happened to be a doctor at the hospital in town).

It was found that she exhibited signs of possible MPD as well as Sociopathy, and her parents found it hard to accept for the next few years after.

Until Amaranthe emerged for the first time.

Upon Amaranthe’s emergence, Sylvanas’s parents were forced to accept that their daughter was very well an evil creature in her own right. The things that transpired that night went against everything that Reave and Holly had believed that they knew about their precious daughter, and the were forced to adapt to a completely different side of her. A side that was ruthlessly bloodthirsty, and who didn’t care about what the laws said. Sylvanas’s school teachers were usually informed of her unique condition ahead of time so that they could properly prepare, and as such the young girl spent most of her time at Signal with dozens of watchful eyes and ears tracking her every movement and looking for the slightest excuse to send her home, and crush her dreams of being a Huntress.
But Sylvanas survived, and she made it through her years at Signal listening to Amaranthe complain in the back of her mind, and forcing Amaranthe to behave when the latter was in control. After graduating from Signal Academy, Sylvanas sent an application in to Beacon Academy in the hopes that, despite all her problems and issues, they would accept her.

Now a second-year student at the prestigious Academy, Sylvanas once again struggles with herself in the hopes of finally becoming a Huntress herself.

Personality: Sylvanas has a rather interesting case of MPD that tends to manifest in the heat of battle. While she herself is normally very friendly, kind, and calm (albeit her morals are a bit skewed and she had no problem doing something illegal- like kill someone), when her MPD manifest she does a complete Heel-Face Turn so-to-speak. Resulting in the alter-ego known commonly as Amaranthe.

Amaranthe: Egotistic, Bloodthirsty, and generally wrapped up by the singular word ‘sociopath’, Amaranthe doesn’t care what rules, laws, or even other people think or say about what she does, and has crossed to the other side of the law far more times than can be counted. She seems to be fiercely protective of Sylvanas, although whether it is because they share a body or if Amaranthe has developed an actual positive emotion is unknown. Normally rude and stuck-up around people she doesn’t know, and even some that she does.

TVTropes Morality Equivalent (Amaranthe): Black… like… Pitch Black
TVTropes Morality Equivalent (Sylvanas): Grey
RPG Alignment (Amaranthe): Chaotic Evil
RPG Alignment (Sylvanas): Chaotic Neutral

+Skilled in battle
+Familiar with both two-handed and ranged weapons
+People like Sylvanas
+Semblance is extremely powerful

-Has trouble making friends
-Weapon is very heavy
-Semblance has the chance to backfire
-Weapon takes a long time to load
-Amaranthe scares people

Semblance: Satanic Emergence- Sylvanas/Amaranthe’s form changes as this ability progresses, with the most noticeable change being that her Aura becomes significantly more noticeable due to the power spike caused by this ability's activation. The change in appearance in merely a rare side effect of the semblance’s true ability: Boosting her attack speed by a multiplier of 5% every 3 second for 1.5 minutes, or until the Override Threshold of 75% is reached. The attributes can be further and more quickly strengthened with each hit so long as Amaranthe is in control. If the Override Threshold is reached, Amaranthe will receive a hefty amount of damage to her Aura, and her appearance will be locked in for 64 seconds as a result. After the 64 seconds, her power levels will rapidly drop back to their normal levels. Once the 50% mark is passed, the “reins” will be handed back to Sylvanas. Consumes a moderately high amount of aura. 20 minute cooldown.

Side Effect: Demonica (Physical Side Effect)- As an unintended effect to her semblance, Sylvanas's appearance will gradually change based on the level of boost that is achieved. The only noticeable change in her physical appearance doesn't take shape until the boost level has reached 15%, which at that time her aura will begin to manifest into a more visible form- most commonly a red and black haze around her body. Once the boost level reaches 30%, the haze will thicken and it will appear to any outside that Sylvanas has becoming slightly more demonic- her eyes becoming slitted and changing to a far richer shade of red. Once she reaches 60% boost level, there will appear to be a silhouette of a demon towering behind her through the haze. Once the Override Threshold is reached, the demonic figure vanishes and her eyes return to their normal shade. The haze also lightens enough to where Sylvanas can be seen through it. This effect only has a 1 in 10 chance of occurring, and bears no weight on her actual power.

Name: Bone Breaker (Affectionately referred to as ‘Mashy’ by Amaranthe)

First Form: A massive hammer that measures about 4 feet at the handle to the base of the head. The head is a whopping 2.5 feet across, and both flat sides are covered in spikes. It takes on a very interesting color scheme of silver, red and black. Large amounts of Fire Dust can be input into the handle to allow the weapon to melt the area it touches.

Second Form: The top flat part of the hammer can be opened up by pressing a button on the handle to reveal a small opening about 6 inches across. This is later revealed to be a built-in rocket launches when Sylvanas/Amaranthe happens to press the button a second time. Powered by Fire Dust.

Third Form:

History: Created by Amaranthe during the time Sylvanas was attending Signal. Used in a variety of murders that have since turned into cold cases.

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Sylvanas Nightshade Empty Re: Sylvanas Nightshade

Post by Paige weaver on Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:48 pm

im good with every thing but the semblance I don't like how it changes you drastically and the fact it can make you 103% stronger also how it has 2 forms so edit it.
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Sylvanas Nightshade Empty Re: Sylvanas Nightshade

Post by Paige weaver on Wed Mar 04, 2015 8:10 pm

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Paige weaver

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Sylvanas Nightshade Empty Re: Sylvanas Nightshade

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