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Eve Klein {Mod's Character}

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Eve Klein {Mod's Character} Empty Eve Klein {Mod's Character}

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:05 pm


Name: Eve Klein

Age: 17 (Born January 21st)

Gender: Female

Species: Rabbit Faunus (With ears and a tail)

Symbol: A light brown wooden keg seen from the side with a green gaseous substance coming from the tap, the keg itself is encased in a darker brown ring with a green waterfall behind the keg.

Occupation: First-year Beacon student.

Appearance: (face claim: - Sonico) 5'5 tall, 149 pounds in weight. Mint coloured hair and eyes. Not skinny, but not fat either, more describable as "Obviously well-fed". G-cup breasts usually contained in a sports bra. Casual clothing: A mint coloured medieval-style dress with straight white lines running down the skirt and her emblem shown on the right shoulder. Combat outfit: Another medieval style outfit with a reinforced leather top with a leather crossguard over it and reinforced leather leggings with iron boots, all of these have light green highlights going along the edges.

History: There's alot to cover in this and I mean ALOT, so I'll put it in a spoiler so it's not so unsightly.
Born in the small theocratic town of Whiskey Falls, known for it's rather unique religion, a strain of Christianity known as "Alcoholism" that deifies the creation and consumption of alcohol, saying it is God's gift to the working man. Young Eve was born under a Blood Moon, which in her town is considered a bad omen for a child, it did not help that due to genetics she fit Whiskey Falls' interpretation of the devil, a mint haired and eyed girl with a large bust and a semblance related to poison, however this did not scare her mother and father, Chineel and Recolt Klein, they loved her very much, naming her after the first human woman, Eve, as a small joke at this silly superstition. Soon after her birth a famine arrived, leaving many families poor and starving, however due to her family's wealth and her father's connections in the larger cities, she and her family were often well fed, this caused a large uproar and even more suspiscioun of poor Eve, thinking her birth responsible of the famine, the town's priest, a wolf faunus named Father Olta Loupa, and his brat of a son, Mok, who was a year older than Eve, were the worst of them, when Eve was old enough to go to primary school, she was picked on by Mok and his flunkies, they pulled at her hair and threw stones at her, calling her the cause of the town's suffering, by puberty, her large bust started to come in, causing them to start calling her the anti-christ, soon afterwards her mother started training her to become a huntress like her, telling her that one day she would be rich beyond her dreams and that Mok and his gang would be starved by their own faults, when she was 14 she was confronted by the bullies she hated so much, they did not throw stones or names, but they grabbed at her very inappropriately "C'mon, Devil, I thought you were a seductress! You've accomplished your goal, corrupting the priest's poor son, now for the fruits of you labours to come to fruition!" they taunted her relentlessly as she attempted to run from them, they cornered her against a cliff in the forest "C'mon, Devil, try to fight back! Poison us! Hit us! It's no fun if you don't fight back!" Mok said before he pulled her in to steal her first kiss, she didn't know what happened at the time, but she had found her semblance in a tragic accident that day, she reacted without thinking and filled his lungs with a corrosive gas, quickly killing him, his mooks reacting with great fear "Sh-She poisoned him with just a kiss! She really is the Devil!" they ran as fast as they could leaving Mok's corpse and Eve in tears of fear and sorrow... She soon came to her senses before anyone could see the scene of the crime, though she made no effort to hide Mok's now chestless body, she was too scared to think, she hoped people would just think he was eaten by Beowulves, she merely ran home as fast as possible, she did not explain to her parents, but they noticed how jumpy she was and pressured her with niceness to explain, afterwards they were more surprised than angered or scared, to think their daughter would be the spitting image of the alcoholistic devil, they then seemed more proud than anything, proud that their daughter could protect herself like that from such monsters, then finally the worry set in, they were scared that once their daughter was discovered to have such power the other citizens would put two and two together and kill her, they felt they had only one choice "You must leave the town, you must run and never look back, we'll pretend that you went missing the same time Mok did, but for now, pack your bags and go to the capital city, follow the path east under cover of night and keep walking until you come to a path up the mountain, we have friends in Clear Cliff that will give you directions there. When you get there head to a street called "Horizon Drive" and look for a big white house with a red roof and the address number "2298", they'll give you a home untill you're old enough to go to Beacon. When we feel it's a good time to, we shall leave this god-damned city to it's own misery and see you there... We love you, Eve..." and thus, with tears in her eyes and fear in her heart she took only her favourite dress, her mother's old combat clothes that fit like a glove, her father's cane and a week's worth of food and her mother's brew, then she left to Clear Cliff, after Clear Cliff she left to the next town until she found herself at Vale, she went to horizin drive and met her foster family, a human couple named Abel and Alexia Brinks and their son, Virgo, they were very polite and pretty well off, not rich, but rich enoguh to spoil their son and Eve, they were always very polite to her. Soon after arriving at her new home she enrolled in Signal, alway keeping her head down and keeping from being seen, now at Beacon, this is where our story begins...

Personality: I have to give credit to my friend Haven here, without him I wouldn't have this section be as good as it is now, thanks friend!
Quite the shy and socially awkward toward most, yet gentle and caring nonetheless. Eve is the sort of girl who is more fond of all things nature that are structured around her, so it’s safe to say that she’d rather be within forests and whatnot, rather than in the city or within an area that’s chock-full of manmade appliances and things of the sort. Due to events concerning her past, she could be prone to trust issues – especially if the subject in mind is a Wolf Faunus.

Despite her initial awkwardness, she can have her bold courageous moments for a number of scenarios. One would be able to take a glance at an example of this when she puts on a seductive act or two. Often times, people are shocked when they catch even the slightest sight of her flirtatious persona, and are sent into an even further sense of surprise when they realize that her acting skills on the matter actually aren’t half bad.

Because of the type of religion that she was born and raised in, alongside the type of strengthened brews that she has been introduced to and has consumed, she is pretty much used to most types of alcohol. It’s safe to say that the chances of her getting even a little tipsy is somewhat low because of this. However, should she get intoxicated to an extent, she tends to drift away from her base behavior, instead acting more charming and captivating; perhaps even more so than when she does putting on a simple act.

She has a great distaste in perverts, sexists and racists.

Strengths: Physically strong. Has a superior moral center. Rather adorable. Can be rather savvy at times. Can be courageous. Can play a great violin and is a surprisingly good dancer and actor. Can be rather seductive if it's needed.

Weaknesses: Can be rather jumpy at times. Rather slow due to her large bust weighing her down. Socially awkward. Inexperienced at fighting. Has an instinctive distrust of people, wolf faunus especially.

Semblance: Famine's Word: A corrosive gas can be summoned from her mouth to burn away at things, this gas is selective in it's toxicity and can range from only able to cause slight skin irritation for a few hours to melting away un-reinforced iron. She refuses to use this ability to it's full extent due to the fatal results of doing so. If this gas touches her own body, it does not harm her.


Name: Tempete Club

Primary Form: A collapsable oak walking stick/club that Eve got from her father. It's maximum length is 5'9, the minimum is 2'9. The head is hollowed out and filled with iron and the head itself is made of a gemstone found around Whiskey Falls called the "Whiskey Drop Stone" that glows a pale sickly green in direct moonlight, but is otherwise a calm grassy green.

History: This walking stick club was once used by Eve's father during his days in Vale for self defense, the reason he made it as a walking stick was both for subtlety and class.

-Her father used to run a bar in the City of Vale called "The Stone-Thrower" until it was bought out by a big karaoke bar chain from Atlas, that building is now frequented by the more music oriented middle-to-upper-class students of Beacon.
Music claims:
Theme: - Final Fantasy X HD - Yuna's Theme - HD Remaster
Battle Theme: - Touhou Remix - Apparitions Stalk the Night - Rock Remix
"Let's get serious" (Scary): - Touhou Remix - U.N. Owen Was Her - Orchestral Remix
"Let's get serious" (Badass): - Touhou Remix - U.N. Owen Was Her- Metal Remix

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Eve Klein {Mod's Character} Empty Re: Eve Klein {Mod's Character}

Post by lord of pantsu on Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:20 pm

Approved with the threat of any more telling of the breast sizes will result in my editing it out and adding stupid shit in there.
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