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All of Empoleon Blownaparte's characters for sake of convenience.

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All of Empoleon Blownaparte's characters for sake of convenience. Empty All of Empoleon Blownaparte's characters for sake of convenience.

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Tue Sep 09, 2014 5:46 am


Name: Peter Born

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Bear faunus, his feature being having ears

Symbol: The emblem of the born family:A growling bear head seen from the side with a sword and axe crossed down behind it, personalized with a black streak going from the swords tip to the bears eye.

Occupation: First-year Beacon Student.

Appearance: Short brown hair. Wide, youthful brown eyes. 5 ft 3 in. rather muscular but you can't usually see it through neither his loose clothes or thick armor. Casual clothes:Brown t-shirt with either black tracksuit pants or dark blue jeans and brown sneakers. Combat armor:Reinforced leather chestplate and greaves with his emblem on a the left shoulder pad and a left-handed iron gauntlet. Pajamas:Just some grey tracksuit pants and nothing else. He almost always has his weapon when he goes out, for easy self-defense.

History: Born and raised in the city of vale's more wealthy neighbourhoods, he was trained by his loving, but distant parents Nicholas "Red-hot Nick" and Lyla Born, they were almost never around because of their insistence on taking so many hunting contracts, but they did it out of love for their son and want for him to be raised well, when they were home they often trained their son in the use of his father's weapon of choice, a blunt, heavy blade. When he was home alone all he had to entertain himself was television and some game consoles, making interested in the concept of fictional universes, especially those concerning hunters like his parents, making him want to be a hunter even more. Even before Signal at school he was never really liked by anyone, often getting teased and always sitting alone at recess, these moments alone with his thoughts gave him time to think about what he'd be like when he was older, thinking he'd be famous and loved by everyone and having the people who bullied him be begging for forgiveness. When Peter was 12 he got word of his parents' latest hunt ending badly, they went to clear out a nest of Nevermore, the one detail they didn't get in the contract was how big they would be... He heard that his mother was decapitated by their talons and his father passed out from his wounds outside the nearest town, Clear Cliff, after reportadly going into a complete rage, He was brought to Vale's hospital in a coma. He was given their last payment for the contract and a ride to the hospital to see his father, when he opened the door to see his father unconscious he nearly burst into tears, he was soon joined by his parents' former teammates from Beacon, Levios Mora and Lucifer Aegis, they had quit hunting to both go into creating both weaponry and fashion, in Aegis' case he also mined dust, for Levios, he apparently thought it was a good idea to found his own independent nation with a city called "Moraton" . For both of their powerful prides, Lucifer was nearly as sorrowful as Pete was to see their beloved friend in a near-death state, Levios on the other hand, was sobbing his eyes out next to his old friend's bed. Soon after the two came in Nicholas woke up slowly, he saw his son and friends by his bed and spoke his last words "Hello boys... I guess this is my goodbye.... Levy... You were a good friend, good luck being a king or whatever... Lucy.... I'm sorry for calling you Lucy for all those years.... You were a great leader and an even better friend... And Pete.... I'm sorry I couldn't spend more time with you... But I did it so you could have that food on your plate... And remember... Me and your mother love you... And we'll always be with you in spirit.... Goodbye everybody...." he said as he took his last breath, Levios was in disbelief "Nick? Nicky! Ya can't die! C'mon, where's the Nick I knew!?.... Don't leave us...." he said sadly as Lucifer put his hand on his shoulder "It's okay, Levios.... He's in a better place now.... There was nothing we could do...." Levios merely sobbed even harder at those words as Pete ran out, tears in his eyes, his father's old friends too distracted to care... Soon after he started to get donations from his father's friends and his grieving fans so he could live comfortably. He also continued his training by himself, learning from fiction by testing out what moves were possible and what weren't. Soon afterwards he got into Signal academy, there he was mostly in the same situation as in primary school, but he tried to keep strong for his passed parents, he mostly kept to himself until he was approached by a young girl who was about a year older than him, she introduced herself as Lucy, she attempted to threaten him, having done that to most other people and this time doing it from instinct on accident, when he saw the note she wrote to him he was mostly unimpressed, "You call that a threat? That's not a threat... This is:" he proceeded to lift her up by the hem of her dress and give her an extremely in-depth example to the sadistic girl, once he put her down she was only impressed by this act, curious about this boy she started to follow him, they started hanging out when they found out they were actually nice people, they started calling eachother "Kohai" and "Senpai" because of their age difference and were the closest friends for a long time, after a few years, Lucy graduated and left for Beacon, Pete was unfazed by this, confident he'd get in with her next year, that day came eventually and he passed the entry test with flying colours, on the airship ride there... Well, that's where we begin our story....

Personality:A quiet soul with a plethora of knowledge of many situations, but also asocial and absent at times, known to not really pay attention to stuff he doesn't care for (As in anything that's not either combat, fiction of any kind or the chance to train his skills in said areas) but when he does it's rather hard to pull him away, nothin' short of yellin' straight in his ear will work! Due to his strict morals and expectation of people to uphold their own, he comes off as pretentious at times and even as a bit of jerk, but he truly is a nice guy once you get to know him, but due to his lack of trust in others that can be hard

StrengthsSmart, savvy and physically strong, dedicated to his work, powerful semblance, pretty good singing voice. he's got quite a bit of money and some mildly powerful connections (nothing really big, but he can get concert tickets for free... So there's that...) always has his weapon on hand. (For safety reasons of course!)

Weaknesses: Absent minded. Asocial. Too trusting. Phobia of Nevermore. rather slow on his feet due to his heavy weapon. doesn't quite understand how his semblance works. doesn't "do" teams. Can come off as slightly derpy at times. Can be kind of untrusting

Semblance: Berserker's Hatred: While usually a standard berserker-style semblance, allowing him to go slightly faster and stronger for a short 5 minutes, when he gets angry he becomes alot stronger, ranging from a slight annoyance that slightly boosts him to an unstoppable rage making him strong enough to punch through steel and fast enough to give a race horse a run for it's money. Despite the power of this semblance, he does not quite know how to control it, believing it to simply be "I can run faster for a little while".


Name:Porta Gladium

Primary Form: A large broadsword similar to this:All of Empoleon Blownaparte's characters for sake of convenience. Berserker that splits into the second form.The blade is made of reinforced iron, and the hilt is made from reinforced Ursa Major skin, "To show our pride of our Bear Faunus blood" his dad said it was, Peter just thought it was an efficient material and a happy coincidence. The blade is brown with the highlights being crimson red, the hilt is a lighter shade of brown than the blade with the metal cap and crossguard being the same crimson as the blade's highlights.

Secondary Form: A large crossbow that splits down the middle from the main form's blade. Powered by fire dust.

History: A Born family heirloom, used by Peter's great-great-great-grandfather and passed down since.


Name: Joeira (Pronounced Jo-AYE-ra) Mora, most people call him Joey, though when he's "In the zone" he outright demands to called "Alpha".

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Peacock Faunus (He has the tail of a peacock)

Symbol: The Mora family symbol, a blue sillohuete of a peacock from the front and a yellow stylized sun behind it, both in a hollow green square with an archaic looking brown shash below saying "With pride and hope, we are strong, we are Mora."

Occupation: Beacon student, second year. Heir to Mora Inc. and the throne of  the city state of Moraton. Waiter at the Shining Star karaoke bar.

Appearance: (Face claim: Kaito Shion, Vocaloid) Short blue hair, blue eyes, 5'8 feet tall, 148 pounds. Rather thin and muscular. Normal outfit: While he sometimes wears other things, Joeira usually wears a green shirt and blue jeans with blue and white sneakers under his mostly white signature longcoat with blue highlights and a long blue scarf. (Look at any picture of Kaito and you'll understand.) Combat outfit: When in combat he still waears his signature longcoat, but with a blue reinforced leather outfit and goggles as opposed to his usual outfit and scarf.

History: Joeira was given a life that looks like it's full of fun and glamour, but in reality it was rather boring for him. He was born in the city of Vale while his parents were on a vacation to Levios Mora, influential name in the fashion and weapon industries and founder of the kingdom of Moraton, and Fanta Mora, Levios' beloved wife and queen. While young Joeira was mostly content with the earliest part of his life, his little sister by 3 years, Kimera, was born with a case of Borderline Personality Syndrome, this caused her to get all the pampering and care from her father, who didn't understand her problems any farther than "Keep her happy" and left it at that, making Joeira feel ignored by his father, even his mother cared more for Kimera than she did him, however as they aged Kimera herself would often keep her brother company, this made him feel much better about himself, however due to her disorder she often felt abandoned when she was alone, he would stay by her side as often as possible, however then came his 13th birthday, their father enrolled Joeira into Moraton's local hunter school; Bloodhound High, this led to Joeira and Kimera spending less and less time together, we'll get back to that later, but for now we'll focus on his school life, it was rather hard for him to pass the tests, he was not interested in his father's tutors he got for them, leaving him rather ill-prepared for real schooling, however one of them was always interesting to him, a hunter and former boxing champion by the name of "Vertabrand Kulak" who tought them the "Basics of hunting" as their father called it, though really it was just regular hand-to-hand combat, this led him to wanting more and more lessons from him, ending up as actual hand-to-hand training lessons, this made Joeira good at fighting most others in his grade at Bloodhound High, often preferring a good right hook to a training sword or a blank-filled pistol,  when it was time to make their own weaponry he built upon his knowledge of hand-to-hand to his advantage and made what he knew would fit well, a pair of pistol-tonfas he called Chora and Sahi, soon after he was recruited by the school's local underground fight-ring, who saw his prowess at hand-to-hand, they offered to pay him good money, but as his father was so famous as a fashion designer, he turned it down, saying he just wanted to entertain the less powerful, eventually he found that the champion of the fight-club was cheating, using his aura; a simple berserker aura, to power himself up before the fights, this lead to him challenging his right to lead and discover his own semblance in the fight, after-images, he confused his opponent into guarding the wrong areas and easily defeated him, taking the reigns of the fight club and turning it into a more regulated, fair-play type of arena. when he was 15 his sister was revealed to have been over studying in both combat and weaponry, causing her to be jumped ahead into Bloodhound, to her father's reluctance, this made both Joeira and Kimera very happy, however when Kimera found out his position in the school's fight-club, she went into a panic thanks to her disorder, this fear made her distrust her brother for a long time, nothing much happened until Joeira turned 16, he and Kimera finally made-up about the fight club freak-out. While after he turned 17 he wanted to go to Vale to learn at Beacon, his father thought he wasn't ready yet, but after he turned 18 he was allowed to try out for Beacon, with both his natural skill and his father's many connections it was impossible to fail and if he did, he still would've got in anyways, both he and his father were overjoyed, though his sister was rather sad she couldn't go with him, his father's last words before his goodbye was "If you meet the daughters o' Lucifer Aegis Tell 'em to tell their dad "Levios says "Hi"... And also get a job, 'cause I'm not gonna spoil ya forever!" With that said and done, he left to Vale from his not-so-modest home, this is the beginning of his story...

Personality: Joey can best be described as "Loyal and kind, but kind of naive and snarky"... He can be rather ignorant of how some things are... Despite this he is an extremely well-mannered, polite and caring individual, if occasionally rather sarcastic and snarky. Has a "Personality over efficiency, but efficieny's still important." mindset when it comes to most things, much like his father does. When he's "In the zone" he gets alot more serious, often only focusing on what he's zoning out on, no matter what it is and what else may be happening. Despite his usually kind and happy personality, he rarely smiles or really emotes at all, nobody really knows why, not even him, but he can talk about the most cheery things without even hinting at smiling or changing his tone... Even he's confused about this...

Strengths: Extremely wealthy. High social standing. Natural leader instinct. Decently fast and strong. Extremely friendly and polite. Extremely persistent when he puts his mind to it. Well trained in boxing and has his own personal style for when out of the ring that incorporates his tonfas called "Raging Peacock". Strong code of honour. Hard worker.

Weaknesses: Extermely over-confident. Naive at times. Can be rather blunt. Rather over-prideful at times. Is a bit of a close-range extremist, if you use a gun, he sees you as a coward unless you prove yourself otherwise. Rather sensative about his familiy's "Inferiority" to the Aegis family. Often rushes into a fight thinking he can do it himself. Sometimes his code of honour is a little bit TOO strong... Often overworks himself.

Semblance: Wrong Right Hook: When Joeira activates his semblance, he can summon a maximum of three illusions of himself by simply moving erratically, using this he can confuse his opponents into blocking the wrong area, for example: If he wanted to hit you in the gut he could create illusions to hit you in the face and groin to make you block there instead, though this is a rather luck and psychology based semblance, as there is no garuntee the opponent won't block where he strikes. While he doesn't neccesarilly need to move erratically to do it, he prefers to do so due to the added effect of making him harder to hit with the illusions moving erratically as well. While the illusions CAN move away from him, they can only do so for about 10 feet before evaporating, but if he pushes himself, he can maybe do 19 feet. The illusions are not living things and therefor he does not care for their safety, however they are kind of physical things with a feeling kind of like still water, you can feel it, but your hand just goes through it. he can only hold these illusions for at most 1 minute.


Name: Chora and Sahi

Primary Form: A pair of green tonfas with blue edges. They have a rather unique design, they have slightly snake-like curves and have the short parts curling outward. They also have small pistols built into the long ends that fire when he squeezes the hilts hard enough, he almost never uses this portion other than after a block to lower the enemies defenses by shooting them in the foot or just to give his punches abit more momentum.

History: Created at Bloodhound High in Moraton, these tonfas are the closest thing to home he has at Beacon, as such he cherishes them extremely closely. These were what was used in the Bloodhound fight club champion rounds against the old champion.



Name: Hope "Tiejiang" Faber (She prefers her nickname, friends call her "Tai")

Age: 17 (Born on the 5th of January)

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Symbol: A grey blacksmith's anvil below a black music note, both in a brown circle surrounded by a thin brown ring.

Occupation: Second-year Beacon student.

Appearance: (Face claim: Meiko Sakine - Vocaloid) 5 feet 8 inches tall, 138 pounds. Tan skin. has naturally white hair with the tips dyed green. While she has green eyes, she wears rainbow coloured contact lenses. Also if you have to know she's a C-cup... Casual clothing: A black t-shirt saying "I rock like a mountain, fight like an Ursa Major and beat the hell outta both! (And still be cute as a kitten)" in red Bazooka font, a black leather jacket, a pair of ripped jeans, black sneakers and a pair of black fingerless gloves. Combat outfit: A reinforced black leather outfit, with spiked, black metal pauldrons, gauntlets and a big backpack to carry her weapons. Pajamas: A simple black t-shirt with a pair of white pair of pajama pants with a yellow lightning bolt pattern

History:  Tai was rather privileged as a child due to being born to an extremely famous hunter: Mata Faber "Man of 99 Armaments", named such because he was a renowned for his massive collection of weapons he used on his hunts. I'm not gonna BS with ya: She lived a pretty happy life, she lived in a rich neighbourhood of Vale where everyone knew eachother's name and most treated all people kindly, her dad was the nicest guy she knew and her mom was very understanding, she had lots of great friends both at school and around the neighbourhood, life was pretty good for young Hope Faber, she always had an obsession with music and nice sounds in general, she would always go with friends to a river they knew outside of town they called "Frog's Mouth Falls" to listen to the eponymous frogs everyday. At age 11 her father gave her her first weapon, a mace from his collection he named "Ice Breaker", she insisted on calling it "Snow Cone" due to it's shape and colouring though. At age 12 her semblance kicked in and to her joy it was based all around sound, the gentle chimes of Snow Cone shimmering snowflakes around at will. at age 13 her father wanted her to make a new weapon, one to give another effective spell for her semblance to control, he gave her the task of a simple sword and together they gave it a special function: Static noise, due to this she named it just that: Static. the day after, everyone was in awe of her new blade, one of her friends called her "Tiejiang", he claimed it meant "Blacksmith" in a fictional language he called "Chinese", she didn't believe him at the time, it was an obscure reference at the time... But she like the way it sounded: "Tiejiang", at this point she wanted to be known as "Tai", in honour of her father, while her parents got the reference as much as she did, they allowed it, her father thought it sounded cool. When she was 14 she got another weapon from her dad for her birthday: An axe-guitar that she chose to name "Storm", she was overjoyed at this gift, playing it all day on the weekends, on her 15th birthday she gained her newest weapon: A meteor hammer she called "Watchdog and Cool Cat" thanks to the stylized hammers being in the shape of a wolf and tiger, she got it from the same guy who gave her the nickname, claiming that it was the same weapon the protagonist used, at this point, the show he was referring to had gotten popular, finished and rebooted, so she finally believed him. On her 16th birthday her dad took her out on her first hunting session, she downed 10 Beowulves and an Ursa Major by herself that day, her father full of pride. A week after her 17th birthday she auditioned for Beacon, she won the test easily, Ozpin said "Thanks to your father's teachings I doubt that you would learn anything as a First-year, but I'll let you come to my school as a second-year, you're a very lucky girl, Ms. Faber... we shall see you there..." she was overjoyed she impressed THE professor Ozpin THAT much, her parents were also overjoyed by the news, "My girl is headin' to Beacon!" her father yelled off the balcony straight afterwards. A tearful goodbye ensued as she boarded the airship, this is where our story begins...

Personality:(Music claim: Move - I fight dragons) Despite her preferred apparel, she's a rather sweet, kind-hearted, hopeful girl with an obsession for music of all kinds, she adores well done Pop or Opera as much as she loves well done Punk and Metal, though she is just as tomboy-ish as suggested. As much as she denies it, she's actually a bit nerdy when it comes to video games and anime (Especially rhythm games and magical girl series) She has a serious weakness against cute things. Can be rather... "Hammy" at times... She get's it from her father. Bisexual.

Strengths: Strong presence. Physically strong. Arsenal of filled with variety and very good at using all of them. Can play guitar and sing pretty well. High social standing. Pretty wealthy. Real team player. Very friendly.

Weaknesses: Slow in combat, due to her large amount of weapons. Easily angered. If she wants to switch weapons for whatever reason, she can't do so very quickly, having to take her backpack off and pull out the weapon. Not very smart. (but not an idiot!) A weakness to cute things.

Semblance: Blacksmith's Orchestra: Much like her tastes in music and weaponry, her semblance also has great variety. It allows her to change sound into physical form depending on the sound made, often projectiles, with power being based on how loud. Her collection of weaponry was based around this ability:
(click to show/hide)


Name: Static.

Primary Form: A white iron sword. It's hilt is yellow and it's cap and crossbar are jet black. It's hilt can use Shock dust to emit a static sound for about 10 minutes before using up the dust. it's blade is 4 feet long with the hilt adding another 6 inches. Unlike most of her weapons, she keeps it in a sheath at her right hip for easy access

History: Tai's main weapon and the second she ever obtained. She made it herself at home with her father, before the rest of her grade had to. Easily her favourite, if only for a combination of sentimental value and ease of equipping.


Name: Watchdog and Cool Cat.

Primary Form: A brown steel meteor hammer who's heads are shaped like a wolf and a tiger respectively. Heavy as hell and designed to put as much pressure on contact as possible. It's chain is 5 feet long and each head adds another 1 foot and a half.

History: The fourth weapon Tai obtained. Given to her for her 16th birthday from the same boy who gave her her nickname. Modeled after the weapon of a fictional character.


Name: Storm.

[u]Primary Form[/u]: A white onesided battle-axe with black highlights and strings going down the hilt (This one is pretty vague, so here's a visual of somethin' similar found offa' google: . It's electric guitar function is powered by Kinetic dust. 4'7 feet tall from hilt to cap.

History: The third weapon Tai had gained. Given to her by her parents when she was split between a new weapon and a guitar. If you hear her playing a guitar, it's probably this.


Name: Snow Cone.

Primary Form: A hollowed out white mace in the shape of a bell with a real bell inside it, connected to the hilt by a short rope. It was designed to emphasize and echo the bell's ringing.

History: Tai's first weapon to have been added to her collection, gifted to her by her father to train her basic combat ability. While she has long since outgrown it and replaced it with her meteor hammer, she still keeps it due to sentimental value, though she says it's for if she loses her other weaponry.

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