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Lapis Adonis

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Lapis Adonis  Empty Lapis Adonis

Post by Purpose on Wed Jan 14, 2015 3:49 pm


Name: Lapis Amante Adonis
Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Deer Faunus

Call Sign/Symbol: A blacked out deer head with antlers within a white circle with a black outline. Blue flowers loop around the bottom of the circle and seemingly around the deer's neck

Occupation(s)/Student Year: First Year Student

Lapis Adonis  Vife5l
This tiny fauna comes in at a height of about 4"10, equipped with ears and antlers to show of such lineage. These antlers come in a cream color, and her ears come in a soft brown, almost caramel in a sense, with white spots near the base, turning to speckles as you near the tips. Her eyes are a darker teal, and are usually gazing down to the floor. Her tanned skin is adorned with paler freckles upon her cheeks and nose, as well as her shoulders and a tad bit of her upper back. Her hair is a dusty beige, and comes down to around her shoulders. She never really lets it grow past this point, but allows her bangs to grow out just a tad so they swoop down over the top of her eyes. So far, she's void of any blemishes or scars, as well as tattoos and piercings.


Born and raised within Vale. Lapis was always somewhat of a shy and socially awkward character, often having to require assistance from her family when in the face of social events- and actually still is to this day. She attended Signal Academy, where she was often teased and made fun of due to her lack of social skills and her Faunus heritage as a whole. Despite the rough patches that she endured, she finished her education and graduated Signal. With several minor-to-major doubts regarding her skill, she applied to Beacon while on her last year at Signal, and, somewhat to her surprise, found out that she had been accepted into the prestigious academy. Come graduation day, she would simply make the move to Beacon.

Personality:This deer fauna tends to be..... Crippled when in social environments. Her voice tends to be absent or barely a whisper, her body giving upset and fearful trembles as anxiety fills her being. A friend tends to be able to calm her down a bit to where she can muster out a few words. Often, your dirty jokes will be lost upon her, as she's new to social interaction and doesn't quite understand all the context that comes with it. Once comfortable, she may ramble on quietly if she feels passionate about something, but her voice rarely raises above a loud whisper. Once comfortable, a bubbly personality may show itself, but only if true trust is felt.

+ Body control. She can bring herself into perfect standstills even in the oddest of positions. She'd be master in a game of Twister.
+Speed. Naturally, her fight or flight response is flight, and can take off before anyone will have time to process what happened. She can not keep said pace for long.
+Heightened Senses when intimidated or startled. Once scared, her whole demeanor will become a tad bit more aware of her surroundings. Even some of the slightest sounds her ears will be able to pick up at this point.
+Staying hidden. This speaks for itself. She tends to disappear often if she can.

-Stamina. She can't keep herself going for long periods of time. She will become eventually too exhausted to function properly.
-Easily intimidated/frightened. Her flight response kicks in fast. It would take a firm friend to keep her from quaking in her shoes and suddenly running off. She can not fight close range at all.
-Strength. Her small form isn't built to lift or for anything really strength related.

Semblance: Undiscovered


Name: Syurga Ruso

First Form: Syurga Ruso (Nicknamed Rus) appears similar to a DSR-precision GmbH.

Second Form: Rus is in a more crossbow like form. Harder to control but accuracy increases.

Third Form: Rus is a full blown bow. Arrowheads are twice as heavy as bullets.

History: This weapon was given to her by her father before she left for Beacon

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Lapis Adonis  Empty Re: Lapis Adonis

Post by Requiem on Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:40 pm

Pfffff- Approved.
picks thread up and carelessly tosses it into approved section

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