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Akihiko Shilong Tatsukami [Signature Character]

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Akihiko Shilong Tatsukami [Signature Character] Empty Akihiko Shilong Tatsukami [Signature Character]

Post by Requiem on Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:10 am

Name: Akihiko Shilong Tatsukami ||| The Zodiac Fighter
Age: Twenty years; Born on the fifth day of the first month (Started Beacon a year late).
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon Faunus
Call Sign/Symbol: An image of a thin, eastern tribal dragon that takes a base color of neon green and is outlined in white. Flames of a black hue surround it and gradually fade to a darker shade of green as it nears the flame tips and grows farther from the center.
Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Beacon Third-Year, Dance Student/Teacher, Parkour Artist/Teacher, Hobbyist Musician/Author/Musician, Hobbyist Weapon Collector.
(Click the link provided above and look at the chibi on the right.)
A tall man with a thin yet strongly toned body, standing at a height of seven foot eight (his normal height is six foot eight, but in the RWBYverse, he’s a Dragon Faunus, sooo...yeah, it escalated) and weighing in at roughly two hundred and thirty-three pounds; a weight that classifies him as slightly lightweight person for a man of his age, gender, and stature. His eyes are of a bright neon green hue, while his hair is slightly long, of a snowy white coloring, and shrouds over the right eye to some degree while maintaining a sort of brushed-up hairstyle. A set of thin scars scores across his left eye, streaks down across his cheekbone, and ends around the left side of his jaw. Many other scars could be seen all across his skin, though are primarily located around his neck and wrists for guessable reasons. To prevent easy sight of them, he binds them in bandages or covers them with some sort of accessory, such as wristbands or chains, when not using the normal bandaging.
Should he be shirtless (which is actually common around the dorms or when he’s being more casual), one would be able to see the mass of tribal tattoos that envelope the near entirety of is upper body (hands and arms included) to create a single image of a tribal wyvern. It starts on his back, where the basic entirety of the wyvern’s body is tattooed all across his back. Its wings hook around his ribcage and end on the upper part of his torso, and its tail does the same, though is seen a little bit lower around the area where his abs would be. Its head hooks over his left shoulder and rests upon the upper left of his chest. Images of tribal flames are seen streaming out of its snout and hook around to cover some parts of his back and the front of his torso, though primarily swirl around and cover both of his arms, as well as the back of his hands.
Because of his Faunus genetics, Akihiko has a pair of Eastern Dragon horns on either side of his head. His canines are also more like fangs, his pupils are slit like a reptilian’s, and his nails are a bit longer and more pointed, making them more like a drake’s claws.
One would see a golden ring upon his ring finger on the left hand. You could probably guess the reason.
History: Akihiko was born on January fifth to Takeshi Guangxi Chi (a highly skilled Freelancer Huntsman) and Ryoko Tatsukami (an equally skilled Huntress that worked as a Stealth Tactics teacher at Beacon), alongside his twin brother, Arisato Faiho Chi. Among the trio of siblings that were born to the couple, Akihiko was the eldest child, with Arisato being second oldest (just by a minute or so in comparison to his brother), and their sister - Kazuko Weilin Chi - being the youngest, as she was born five years after the twins, and, as of this day, is fifteen years of age and is currently attending Signal Academy. The family owned two houses; his father’s house resided within the mountains on the outskirts of Vale, while his mother owned a sort of villa-esque home within the brighter districts of Vale. Before Kazuko was born, the family often took turns living between the houses that they owned, though, for the sake of the boys’ schooling, a better majority of the time that they spent was at the house in the city. Despite the constant house hopping between the two locations, the family was actually pretty happy and highly efficient money-wise, both before and after Kazuko was born.

Skip ahead a few years later when the twins were roughly eight years of age and young Kazuko was around three years old, and that’s when the trouble would begin to rise. During their stay down in the city one time, Takeshi was out on a sort of Grimm Hunting expedition, leaving his wife to take care of the children while he was away. As a result, Ryoko was preparing to leave for work one day, and was making a morning meal for the kids before she took them to school. Long story short, both Akihiko and Arisato were roughhousing in their own little ways, though Akihiko was taking it a bit more seriously and wildly than normal. Because of this, Ryoko had turned her attention away from the stove - which, at that moment, was still on and on high heat for sake of speeding up the cooking process - and briefly pulled the boys into the living room nearby. She ended up scolding them and disciplining them, though kept Akihiko in the room a little bit longer after letting Arisato go to talk to him a bit more.
It wasn’t until both Akihiko and Ryoko heard Kazuko screaming frantically from the kitchen that the two finally left the room. As soon as they did so, they immediately found themselves face to face with a fierce flame that had already engulfed several figures in the kitchen was quickly spanning itself to other parts of the house. With the events that had happened earlier that morning forgotten almost instantly, Ryoko went on to pick Kazuko up and rushed out with her, screaming at Akihiko through the flames for him to follow her. For a couple of rushed moments, Akihiko complied, though stopped not too long afterwards after noticing that Arisato wasn’t in sight. At that point, he made the decision to turn around and bound back into the house, clambering up the steps leading to the second floor in order to get his brother. Retrieving him took little to no time, and was actually pretty easy.
…The real challenge was escaping the fiery wreckage-to-be.
As Akihiko and Arisato began navigating themselves through the burning building, Ryoko seemed to fully realize what was wrong outside. She made Kazuko stay put outside (which was a rather easy feat to handle, as the child was basically just sobbing and kneeling in the front of the house from fear at that point) before swiftly running back into the house. After dodging a few falling and charred pieces of framework, she eventually found her remaining children and began guiding them out. When he was close enough to the entrance, Arisato was sent out, with Akihiko following after him. However, before he was able to exit, part of the ceiling panels charred off from where it was secured and fell down, trapping him in the location that he was in. Not too long after, another piece of debris fell down and knocked him over, holding his leg and foot in place and making it impossible for him to get up and escape.
Noticing this, Ryoko quickly made her way around whatever flaming wreckages had already planted themselves in her path as obstacles before helping her child. After getting the boy out, she began to lift herself back onto her feet, though, like her child, was struck down by part of the framework that supported the house. She wasn’t as lucky as Akihiko was, however, due to the fact that several other objects kept falling on her after the first. Within moments, she became trapped beneath a pile of planks and other materials that were raging with flames. Akihiko saw this and tried to go back inside to help her, though was pulled back out by Arisato before he was able to do so. Akihiko, Arisato, and Kazuko were all forced to leave their mother inside and watched as their city house burned to the ground as the necessary help arrived.
Needless to say, Takeshi was devastated by the news when he came back and heard about what had happened in general. It was around that time that he began undergoing a change in demeanor, as he slowly became a harsher and abusive figure in contrast to the loving and joking father that he had been prior. After his wife’s burial and funeral all in all, he took his triad of children up to his mountain home once more to ‘take care’ of them. Which…in some situations, was and wasn’t the most accurate term for things.
There were times when he did interact with his children in a kind, fatherly fashion; much like how he did when Ryoko was still alive. However, those instances were extremely rare. Most of the time, he often just ignored his children unless he needed something from them, but, even in those instances, he just gave them some sort of harsh command before turning back to his own businesses. If he was questioned, then he’d hold no hesitation to hit them or things along those lines. Because of this newfound persona of his, he actually ended up causing semi-serious injuries to the kids as they grew older.
Kazuko had her right arm broken, and a lingering pain still stands to this day despite its healed state.
Akihiko’s vision in his left eye is highly degraded in comparison to his eye, due to the fact that he set Takeshi off and he hit him as a result. Now, all he sees in that eye are colored blurs, and he has several thin scars around his left eye as evidence of this assault.
Arisato completely lost his right arm as a result of protecting his brother from an attack.
Alas, from the first days that Ryoko had died to the few following years afterwards, things were a living Hell for everyone in the mountain household. The children endured life without their mother and had to live through an abusive phase with their father, while the father himself had to go through agony without his wife and ended up taking it out on his children, despite how he knew it was wrong. What inner emotions that he felt were just too out of control, and were almost always expressed in the harshest of ways. Because of the fact that Ryoko probably would’ve still been alive if Akihiko hadn’t needed help in the fiery escape, he’d also concentrated a lot of his vigor and rage on him during this particular portion of his life.
Though the experiences were excruciating, Akihiko did accept them with anger and rage combined. Similar to how Takeshi felt, Akihiko himself did see himself as the cause for his mother’s death, as well. Knowing the fact that his mother probably would’ve still been alive if he hadn’t fallen during the day of the fire haunts him to this very day, and, even though people tell him that he shouldn’t blame himself and that it wasn’t his fault, he still blames himself and beats himself over anyways. Because of this, whenever his father brought him out into the forest surrounding his home for hunting and fighting sessions, he freely accepted whatever beatdowns that his parent had to offer. He perfected his own skill after being personally trained physically and Semblance-wise by his father- who excelled greatly in both fields. However, in addition to whatever emotional torment he was feeling before these sessions started, he was forced to carry a larger and heavier load both mentally and physically as Takeshi often lashed out and was completely relentless during their encounters, and often wounded Akihiko to a painful degree.
Time would go on after this. Both Akihiko and Arisato went on to attend Signal Academy- much to their reluctance and chagrin due to the fact that they had to leave Kazuko with their father. Around the time that they reached the middle of their journeys at Signal, however, Takeshi seemed to undergo yet another demeanor shift. Rather than continuing on with his ruthless behavior, he gained a more quiet and passive way of action, making him seem distant. By the end of this period, he ended up finally apologizing to his children. Despite the fact that they were all skeptical at first, they accepted whatever words that he had to offer, eventually finding that he was sincere to his word as he began reverting back to the kind and quirky man that he was before. Things were extremely awkward for the next couple of years, though slowly began lightening up as the years passed on. Both Takeshi and Akihiko continued on with their training sessions, though with more of a happy and jokingly challenging atmosphere in comparison to the heavy and crazed aura that often consumed the encounters in the past.
Eventually, both Akihiko and Arisato graduated from Signal during the time that Kazuko had actually transferred to the same Academy. Arisato and Kazuko moved out of the house and back into the city after a little while, leaving Akihiko to continue making his home with his father for a little while. Akihiko applied to Beacon Academy and was accepted soon afterwards. As of now, he moves on with his life and keeps in touch with his brother, sister, and father, and shares a pretty tight bond with all three of them despite their separation. There comes the occasion where things get a bit dark and awkward, however during conversations, though.
The weight of his past still proves to be heavy, after all.
**As a little tribute to his mother, he took her last name instead of his father’s. This is why he’s the only child of his parents that has the last name of ‘Tatsukami’.**
Personality: Akihiko is a rather sarcastic and quirky man when interacting with others. When encountering others for the first time (or just talking with people that he just knows as acquaintances), he tends to speak with a polite yet slightly upbeat tone, often offering them help and whatnot if he sees that they’re good enough of a person and can be relied on. Once he manages to get closer to a person enough to be a bit more loose with them (and possibly even to consider them a friend), his sarcasm levels tend to increase, and he tends to get a bit more erratic and joking with his actions and topics.
He’s a rather good person to go to when seeking emotional advice, or when comfort is just needed for whatever reason on whatever level. When situations call for it, he could certainly be the most mature and reasonable person in the room, and this would immediately show whenever he begins to talk formally and in a more firm, lower tone of speech. Whenever he’s caught in this sort of stage, it’s extremely hard to shake his train of thought unless someone were to bring up some sort of statement about history or family backgrounds. At that point, he’d more than likely lay himself down while attempting to apologize for any possibly snappiness he had displayed while trying to direct the conversation to other topics. Should someone insist on keeping the conversation on families, however, he’d more than likely just stay silent and go into his own little world, if not leave the room altogether. Either way, he’d be depressed and more quiet than usual for a little while afterwards.
+Has a naturally high and strong aura capacity.
+Excels in both armed and fisted combat.
+Excels in close combat in general.
+Is speedy and agile.
+Flexible from years of parkour, freerunning, and dance.
+Rather strong; partially from training and his Faunus genetics.
+Excels in Semblance maintenance and use.
+Highly capable in stealthy scenarios.
-His height can be a major restriction in multiple ways.
-Talk of family history could make him uncomfortable and even lash out.
-His sight in his right eye is highly degraded.
-Has suicidal tendencies, as well as the (hidden) scars to prove it.
-His overall weakspot is his left shoulder, which had been dislocated and injured several times in the past by his father when he was still abusive.
-His high speed is matched by his low stamina.
-Despite his normal exterior, he’s a major pessimist.
-As a sort of memento of his mother, he keeps a lanyard that she gave to him as a birthday gift with him at all times. It’s a bit worn out. Snap or take it to easily break Akihiko.
Semblance: Curse of the Zodiac ||| By focusing himself to some degree, Akihiko is able to summon either one or several aura-composed figures at a time, depending on their sizes. These figures take the image of dragons – be they Eastern or Western (though are primarily Eastern) – and are often accompanied by the image of a circular Chinese Zodiac wheel hovering somewhere over them, with the Chinese character for ‘Dragon’ struck across its center over the rest of the signs. Depending on whether the dragon-like figure is Eastern or Western, the summoned embodiment would either specialize in swiftness and deception (Eastern Embodiment) or power and wrath (Western Embodiment). Regardless of the type, however, the boy uses both dragon types to aid him in battle. Similar to normal dragons, they are able to breathe a sort of fire-like image to inflict damage upon enemies- but the flames are actually rapid and consecutive pulses of aura fused with a type of Dust of his choice that often are capable of damaging and stunning in high hit counts, and, thanks to the Dust empowerment, also inflicts some type of elemental damage. They also use their tails and claws to attack, alongside fangs to bite, much like dragons are depicted to do when in combat.
Due to his skill and the fact that he is very well accustomed with his semblance at this point in time, it takes little to no time for Akihiko to successfully and efficiently produce any of the two types of dragon figures to fight by his side, regardless of its size. However, it’s safe to assume that, the larger the figure he produces to fight, the more aura is consumed and drained from his being. Thanks to his immense aura capacity from the start, he could call a total of two large-class dragons (a large Western stands at roughly ten feet on all fours, while a large Eastern is roughly fifteen feet long from nose to tail tip) at a time for a total of roughly twelve to fifteen minutes before forcibly vanquishing them to prevent strain upon his being. Should he strain himself to his limits without going over them, then the cooldown rate would take a minute less than the total time he spent with his semblance in use. If he were to go past his comfort zone, his cooldown rate would be equivalent to the amount of time spent going past his boundaries, plus an average set of time depending on what size/class the dragons were.
When summoning smaller-sized figures (a small Western is two feet tall on all fours, while a small Eastern is five feet long from nose to tail tip) or medium-sized figures (a medium Western is five feet tall, while a medium Eastern is ten feet long from nose to tail tip), the cooldown is often significantly cut down because these are the types of figures that he often uses on a regular bases, and because he’s the most used to these two size classes. At most, he can summon nine small-class dragons and four medium-class dragons at a time with some degree of strain, and the cooldown for this normally ranges from six to nine minutes when moderating things plus half an hour if summoning medium-class dragons and ten minutes if summoning small-class dragons, unless he were using his semblance to a bare minimum. As for the large-class dragons, it would take an hour for a cooldown, plus the amount of time that the large dragon(s) were summoned for- but only if he decides not to push himself past his limits. All in all, if he were to summon any types of dragons again before the necessary cooldown time is reached, he could still do it, but there would be much more strain on his being both during and after, as a result.
These dragon-like summonings tend to take colorings ranging along the emerald gradient, though are often seen in a flaring and striking coloring of neon green; a sharp compliment to Akihiko’s own aura.
Name: Dragon’s Talons
First Form: A dual pair of katana, each measuring over four feet long in length. The sword that he holds in his right hand is a few inches longer than the one he holds in his right hand. His right katana has a blade with a reflective coloring of a darkened forest green coloring with a black, bandage-wrapped handle, while the left katana has a reflective coloring of a neon green along its blade. It, too, has a handle covered with black bandaging.
Second Form: The right katana shifts its form and transforms into a highly accurate and powerful hunter’s rifle, while the left katana shrinks down a bit in size to become a slightly elongated hunting dagger. Dust chambers are found within both of these weapons to enhance performance, and Dust-filled bullets are also used with the hunting rifle in this form.
Third Form: N/A
History: Forged during his years at Signal Academy.
Name: Dragon’s Flight
First Form: A dual pair of metallic, armored gauntlets that scale up both arms with metallic plates, surrounding the shoulder and ending around the same general area for protection. Shotgun capabilities are fused into the knuckles of both gauntlets, which are normally paired up with Dust bullet capabilities for an extra punch.
Around the elbows are flatter portions of the metal that spike out and appear to be images of wings of some sort. Alongside flashy purposes, these are also used for painful elbow strikes.
Second Form: N/A
Third Form: N/A
History: Refer to Dragon’s Talons.
Name: Dragon’s Wrath
First Form: A pair of armored and padded boots. Metallic plates surround the entire exterior to enhance damage, as well as to protect any possible strikes aimed at the lower legs and shins. Rounded nubs are seen surrounding the feet to enhance physical damage inflicted with each strike. Circular ports can be seen around the tip of each boot where the toes would be, as well as all around the bottoms of the boots. These ports are capable of expelling Dust to enhance power and force, and, if a powerful enough charge is given off from the bottom ports, Akihiko could also send himself to and through the air at a forceful momentum.
Second Form: N/A
Third Form: N/A
History: Refer to Dragon’s Talons.



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